by Adam Clarke Roberts

                  Paradise By: Adam Roberts

                                                            The sun is our father

Our mother is the earth

We are all a part of God

But a woman gives us birth

From the deaths of ancient stars

Life is sent through space

Drifting countless eons

To form this warm humid place

In the water life began

Then finding chaos on the shore

In the likeness of creator

To expand and create more

Life would soon permeate

In the radiance of the sun

The moon is but a mere reflection

Of what our mother will become

From the dense jungle forests

To every plant and every tree

They are the lungs of our mother

And the reason we can breathe

From the first single cell

That had a passion to survive

To the largest of the reptiles

Who were not meant to stay alive

From a large graceful whale

That gently lulls a song

To abysmal ocean trenches

Bathed in darkness ever long

From flying through the air

To climbing in the trees

In a prehistoric dawn

On a warm summers breeze

From tools made of stone

To the shaping of a knife

The earth pulls us in

The sun gives us life

From parched desert sands

To a mountain capped with ice

The sun is our heaven

The earth our paradise

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