We Are Numbers One Through Four Introduction

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The four young teens arrieve back again on planet earth.

However, because the four teen super heroes were headed towards the earth much too rapidly, they had to bypass the earth. Instead they had to outstretch their arms and head towards the Dwarf Plant Pluto. After they flew around Pluto, they headed back towards earth. Yet again their entry speed was much too fast, but this time they headed back towards the sun.

Once more they entered into its core, and stayed there. After which they circled it four times. Aiming their outstretched arms towards earth, this third attempt, they encircled it exactly four times. Each time they encircled the globe, they managed to reduce their entrance speeds.

On the the four time, they entered the atmosphere of the earth. They found themselves headed towards a large body of water, the Pacific Ocean. While they were making their entrance, they were being carefully observed by NASA and The United States Navy and Coast Guard. Once they landed in the Pacific Ocean, they were picked up by the United States's Navy.

Once safely aboard the navel vessel, the teen super heroes, instantly became themselves again. All of them collapsed on the navy vessel and they were carried into their infirmary.

Once they reached the informatory were examined by the navel vessel's doctor. He recommended that the four of them be quarantined for fourteen days, because of their outer space adventure. NASA was better equipped to handle outer space quarantines than the Navy because of their outer space programs. NASA welcomed the four super heroes and had them quarantined exactly fourteen days.

Next they were all carefully examined by highly trained medical personnel. They were examining them to see if they had any sufficient side effects because of outer space? Did they have any side effects from being super heroes? All of their test results tested negative. NASA released the four youth back to their own families. If Uncle Sam wanted to locate them, for any reason, he knew where to find them!

All of their families warmly embraced them and welcomed them back home. The media was told not to harass the four teens or their families. Since the four super heroes were heroes, they wanted them to remain that way.

Any press conferences were to be held at locations that could hold large gatherings, and not at their private residences! As long as the press could manage to uncover the truth, they were completely satisfied. Before their press conference, the super heroes and their families were carefully briefed. The members of the fourth estate were well informed, and had previously covered all basis.

During the press conference the press wanted to know: How did they become superheroes? Why were they chosen? How did they survive? Did they have any ill side effects? Were they afraid? Did their super powers depend upon their flight/power rings? What was their mission on planet earth? etc."

The four super heroes thanked: "God, The Navy and Coast Guard and NASA! for monitoring them and rescuing them. They thanked God they got back home again unharmed! They were grateful to be reunited with their friends, and families!

Without God's divine protection, they would have perished in outer space. Although they were totally unaware of it at the time because they were terrified!"

When they went back to their high school, some of their peers called them"freaks of nature! and cry babies. Thus they were taunted by some of their school mates, but not their friends. Their teachers tolerated their presence, but did not appreciate it.

They were forced to watch their entire outer space adventure. They were taunted again for being cry babies. Suddenly, they felt the entire room going spinning around in circles. The views of their taunting classmates was growing hazier, and distorted. They felt the room move under their feet! Suddenly, their minds shut themselves off completely, and their bodies collapsed right in front of their nemesis! There was complete and total blackness before their lights went out!

The last thing that they heard was the loud piercing female screams, and the loud masculine shouts! Their friends quickly began helping them. Their teachers called 911 and reported their students' collapsing, but neglected to take any credit for it happening.

The para medics rushed them to the emergency ward of the closet military hospital. But instead of aid cars arriving it was military helicopters! Their parents and family members were notified. It should have been the last day they had to attend their public high school, once the truth was revealed about their harsh mistreatments.

But once their critics were made to see the light, when the news media branded them as bonifiable genuine super heroes. The second time their whole school witnessed their entire outer space adventures.

They saw powerful stones from the universe get into the exact center of their flight/power rings! The four of them were carefully selected and chosen! It was not by accident, as some of their teachers and student body members mislead them, to believe! Of course they were badly frightened, but they did persevere throughout their incredible outer-space adventure.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry,

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

December 02, 2020

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