"We Are Numbers One Through Four." Prologue

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Four male teens were transformed into super heroes.

It started out to be just another school day at their local high school. Since Mark Allen Sears received his driver's license during their summer vacation, he picked up his three friends and drove them to school with them. He felt just like their unpaid, and un- appreciated chauffeur. Kevin Allen Holland, Jeff Jan Nelson and Rick Ryan Clark.

The four of them were completely unaware that their destines were already being decided. There were four powerful stones in the universe, but there were eight blue diamond rings also in the universe. The powerful stones multiplied themselves by two, and entered into the blue diamond rings.

When the four young men were standing in the student's parking lot, they were completely engulfed in the blue diamonds' essence's protective force field. At first the other students saw them surrounded by the blue essence's protective force fields.

However, they could not actually either see nor hear them! And it was impossible for the four young teens to neither escape, nor change their manifest destines. Then the other students saw four circular diamond blue force fields become airborne. But they still could neither see nor hear their four unfortunate school mates! And the four of them were powerless to resist!

Because, even though they cried out out loud for help, no body could hear them. The four of them felt they were completely helpless, defenseless and alone in the black vast universe. And, of course, nobody could no longer see the four of them! It was they thought, but they were mistaken. The young boys were separated into blue diamond energy protective force fields. There were heavy tears running down their faces.

Rapidly their blue diamond energy force fields lead them into the realms of outer space. Until their transformations were completed, they remained inside their blue diamond protective cocoons. With a mighty shout they used their flight/power rings to disintegrate their cocoons! When they exited their their cocoons, they shot off into outer-space, numbers one though four of their blue diamond fiery signal guns! "And shouted we are numbers one through four!"

Although they were totally unaware, those shouts were both observed and heard around the globe. They were attracting NASA'S interests, the United States Military and Hollywood etc.

They were clad in form fitting, blue diamond pure energy costumes! Therefore, they were surrounded by blue diamond powerful energy sources. The four of them wore blue diamond full length capes, masks and long elbow length gloves. Their blue diamond masks, covered the entire upper portion of their faces.

On the ring fingers of both of their gloves, they wore their energy rings. In the center of their uniforms was a large blue diamond with a globe in the center of it. Their numerate insignia placed on the shoulder of their costumes were as follows: "The Blue Diamond Knights of Planet Earth." (They were numbers one through four, but solely for identification purposes.) "To defend, protect and serve, planet earth."

Their futuristic costumes were one piece instead of two or more pieces. They were long blue diamond boots just underneath their knees which were essential parts of their uniforms.

On one side they sported their futuristic power/signal guns, and diamond blue lassos-es'. But on their opposite side's were blue diamond magical wands, and blue diamond scepters. With both arms lifted in front of them, they began their journey into the universe. They were starting by their journey into and around the sun four times. After they left the the surface of our sun, they became separated from each other!

They began their free fall into a black hole of the Milky Way Galaxy! Their desperate verbal pleas for help did not fall upon deaf ears; but did fall upon human and animal ears powerless to rescue them.

Their powerful flight and signal rings emitted blue fiery powerful rays; whereas, their scepters generated stimulated lightening bolts. Instead ahead of them their arms were outstretched fully in back of them. Unknown to the four of them, when they were able to blast their ways out of the black hole, the people cheered!

And the animals and marine life responded accordingly. Once more the four team mates were reunited. Henceforth, with both of their arms now stretched out in front of them, they were rapidly headed towards planet earth.

It was on their return journey back to earth, that they noticed some peculiar side effects: They could read each others' minds, and enter into each others bodies. And they also discovered that they had invisible phantom stealth modes just for starters.

They smashed asteroids and meters, and danced with comets on their earthbound journeys. From the time they were surrounded by a diamond blue powerful essences and force fields! Which originated at their school, the people of planet earth were able to observe, the four super heroes. Hence and become actual eye witness to their outer space journey.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

December 01-02, 2020

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