Mark Allen Sears' Transformation Into Diamond, the Genie Introduction

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


This series is the sequeal to Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

Mark Allen Sears, was extremely busy typing away on his bedroom's Dell laptop table's computer. Fortunately for him, the rest of his family was visiting out of state relatives. Mark did not have to worry about any uninvited guests, because he had no friends. He attended public on-line K-12 school from the safety and sanctuary of his own home.

Since school was out for the summer, he decided to continue his very creative writing. He had just finished typing his final rough draft of Diamond, the teenage genie. He was busily printing it on his very own printer.

He was totally unaware he had an interested and invisible audience of two. Fiaria, the female butterfly fairy, and Jasmine, her genie partner. Next, they were being joined by Adrian, a male rainbow fairy and BFF (Best Friend Forever) of theirs. All three were in their invisible phantom stealth mode, and thereby completely undected by the teenage writer.

"Since, when Adrian, did you become interested in the collection of short stories entitled, "Diamond, the teenage genie?" Both Fiaria and Jasmine ask him leading questions. "Especially, since Mark only mentions the two of us, and not you?"

"Because you both know how much I really care about the both of you!" Adrian replied. "And you out to know by now, that whatever concerns you, also concerns me. But there is much more to this scenario than what obviously just appears on the surface.

Ever since Mark Allen Sears, began rough drafting his current collection of short stories, he has been kept directly under my radar screen." Adrian flashed them on of his winning trademark smiles of complete satisfaction. "And now ladies, let the three of us focus on the subject matter at hand."

"How exactly right on the target you always are, Adrian." The two females smile right back at him. "The target being two fold, what to do about the teen age boy and his latest short stories? "We cannot under any circumstances allow him to publish them on Amazon books, for the entire human world to see."

"Because his fans, and critics would all be jointly focused on one singularly important issue. Where did he receive his sources of inspirations?" Continued Adrian. " Where as in all clear conscience, we can not undertake any punitive actions! Neither can punitive measures be undertaken against a lonely and friendless teenage boy!

Ladies, I really am beginning to see the light! The three of us only wish for whatever is best for him!"

" Yes! when even his own family and the rest of his own kind, have rejected him!" The two ladies readily agree with Adrian. "There is only one direct pathway open up for us to under take, and you know exactly what it is, Adrian."

The female butterfly fairy, the male rainbow fairy, and the female genie all three of them hold hands together in perfect harmony and one accord. "After all it is plain to perceive, that Mark himself provided us the solution to our problems." They chorus together.

He really wants to become, Diamond the male teenage genie! And he wants his labors of love to be published and appreciated by his public. There is no earthly reasons, under God's eternal heavens, why his public has to be entirely human in origin! But first we need his permission for his transformation to start taking place immediately!

And to accomplish that we need to become both visible and human sized." "Mark, look at the three of us right now! They gently but firmly command him. Do you recognize our two ladies, at the very least?"

"Yes of course, the ladies are Fiaria, the butterfly fairy and Jasmine, the genie. But who are you?" He addresses Adrian.

"My name is Adrian, and I am a male rainbow fairy because of my wings and outfit." Adrian replies directly to his query." I am not only a BFF to both Fiaria, and Jasmine, I would like to become your BFF, too!" Adrian responses to Mark's query and introduces himself at the exact same moment in time.

"Thank you for your valuable cooperations, but why are the three of you really here? And what do you really want to do with the likes of me?" Mark clearly desires to know the real reasons for their visitations.

However it is the beautifully graceful, Jasmine the genie, who holds up the printed pages of, "Diamond, the teenage genie," in her gentle hands. "Maybe it is because I really feel flattered that you really want to also become a genie!"

Mark smiles directly at her and very cautiously replies. "How very right you are Jasmine! I truthfully and honestly wish for with mine entire heart! I could become, Diamond, the teenage genie! Because I am only sixteen years old!

And that I could go away with the three of you. Because wherever you will go, I will go. And wherever you will lodge, I will lodge. And whatever you do I will also do. Your people shall be my people, and your God will be my God."

"Let it be so according to your wish!" Jasmine cheerfully replies. "But, Diamond humans and genies both worship the exact same God!"

While they are engaging each other in amicable conversation with each other, Adrian and Fiaria are using their fairy godmother's magical wands to gather up all of Diamond's most valuable possessions: Including his computers, printer, fax machine, his file cabinets filled with his works. Inside are all of his drawings, and writings and all of his personal journals. They gather up his possessions stored in boxes because why should they leave anything behind, but his bedroom furniture?

"God richly bless all of you! I was starting to dream about how I could terminate my existence, by committing suicide! But now that I am really Diamond, the genie! I can leave behind all of my doctor's and psychiatrist's medications! Along wish all of my over the counter and pain medications too! I'm free! I'm free at last! Praise you God!" Diamond, the genie leaps and jumps for joy!

Mark Allen Sears wakes up from a sound dream. "WOW what a wonderful and fantastic dream I just had! He pays a visit to the family's bathroom and freshing himself up and prepares to meet the brand new day. He slides down the upstairs banister from habit. After he eats his breakfast and takes all of his morning mads, he listens to all the phone's messages. And the only ones he hears are from his loving parents.

"Although they love him, they are no longer able to take the proper good care of him. They have made the necessary arrangements for him to live in a juvenile facility for special children."

Mark rushes back up stairs and loudly slams his bedroom door. When suddenly, he notices some thing that was not there before. It is an antique glass bottle! Similar to the one on the syndicated classic televion's series, "I dream of Jeanie."

He opens up the lid and green smoke comes out, takes form and becomes Jasmine! The very special genie of all of his dreams!

"Mark, the juvenile authorities are loudly knocking at your front door! We must quickly get inside my bottle and leave right this very minute!" Mark moods his head yes because he is speechless.

Both of them enter into Jasmine's genie bottle and she transports to the two her special world. When Mark leave her bottle, he really becomes Diamond, the male teen age genie! Waiting for their arrival are Fiaria the butterfly fairy, and Adrian, the male rainbow fairy!

Aren't the juvenile authorities surprised when they break down the front door, and run upstairs to Mark's bedroom. Although they carefully search his entire house from the very top to the very bottom, Mark is nowhere to be found!

All that is left in Mark's former bedroom is the furniture. Mark appears to them as Diamond, the powerful male teen genie. "Do not continue your search for Mark Allen Sears. "Give thanks to God because he is both safe as well as free! And do not be afraid because I mean you no harm!"

He folds his arms, bobs his head and blinks his eyes, and becomes his former self once more. Right before their very eyes he disappears in blue diamond smoke! The juvenile authorities mention that Mark is missing, but not that he is Diamond, the genie!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

November 28, 2020

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