The Sequel Be Careful What You Wish for Because You Just Might Get It.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Mark Allen Sears a sixteen year old boy, becomes Diamond a powerful teen genie.

Mark Allen Sears had just finishing adding his final rough draft to the hard drive of his Dell desktop computer, "Diamond, the teenage genie." and printing it. All that remained to be accomplished was for him to finalize it, print it and fax it to to Amazon's book publishing division. Because his two female visitors were in their phantom stealth mode, he was rendered unaware of their presence.

One of his visitors was Fiaria, a butterfly fairy, and the other was her partner, Jasmine a genie. It was Mark's collection of short stories, about Diamond, that had originally merited their careful observations. Suddenly, Adrian of the rainbow fairies decided to join them in their clandestine operations.

"Greetings! And welcome Adrian, what brought you here? And why after all this time, did you finally decide to join the two of us?"

Adrian smiled and he replied,"Nothing more than the pleasure of your company, ladies. After all this particular human has been on my personal radar ever since he started writing his latest collection of short stories. At first, I thought he was writing just for his own satisfaction. It was when I discovered he fully intended to publish them on Amazon, that I decided to consult with the both of you charming young ladies!"

"Mark, is a very lonely teenage boy, and that is why he started writing in the first place." Answered the two charming ladies. "But we are in complete accord with you, Adrian, Mark must not be allowed to publish his latest collection on Amazon!"

"I honestly do not think we should punish him for his over active and youthful imagination! Adrian recommended, "Do the both of you just happen to agree one hundred percent with me? Are we on the same wave length here?"

"Both of the ladies answered, "Adrian, don't worry about a thing, because we agree with you! He writes about one particular teen genie, Diamond. We honestly believe, Diamond has become his alter ego! In short he totally identifies with his main male lead character of his own invention!"

"Jasmine, since you are also a genie. Do you think that Mark should really be transformed into, Diamond, the genie? Adrian and Fiaria asked her cautiously.

"Yes, I do but not for the reasons that you think. Because of you, Adrian it has come to my own attention, that I also need a male partner. In addition to a female one; after all he selected me before we even became acquainted with one another. Likewise, he also selected you Fiaria. But not you Adrian, but that is all water under the bridge now.

Jasmine helped Mark in his transition to Diamond, her fellow genie. When the juvenile authorities arrived, Mark was not there. And they were astonished to discover every thing in his bedroom was gone, but the furniture! They could not find him anyway in the house, but Diamond, the genie appeared to them.

Diamond told them not to worry about a thing, and that he would notify his own family.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

November 28 & December 01, 2020

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