Be Careful What You Wish for Because You Just Might Get It. Conclusion.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


This was supposed to be a story written by my main male character, Mark Allen Sears, all about his adventures as Diamond, the genie.

The very first thing that Diamond did when he returned to his very own tree house was to give thanks. "Thanksgiving is a time of changing seasons...As we see the beauty of autumn, let us acknowledge the many blessings which are ours, let us think of our family and friends, and let us give thanks in our hearts." What a wonderful thanks giving sentiment that someone once gave him, and he remembered fondly. How could he not help but wonder what his family was going to do this thanksgiving holiday other than to have a grand feast!

Next thing he knew, he entered into his bottle, and then entered into his home. When he exited his bottle it was not as Diamond, it was as Mark. The first thing he did was to make his bottle disappear. His family was both astonished and surprised to see him! All of them gave him warm hugs and embraces.

He could hear the television sets on as his father and brothers were at least listening to the ball game. It was Mark, who was surprised his seat, was still at the family table! He sat down with his family, and his father gave the traditional thanksgiving blessings. Mark sat down to a scrumptious meal, and throughly enjoyed himself. Afterwards, he was part of the cleanup crew. Because, "many hands make light work."

Not once did they ask him to use his powers as a genie. How could they not help but notice how throughly exhausted he was. Mark climbed back up the stairs, and fell fast asleep in his own bed! He stayed fast asleep for several days. How could his family not become worried about him? They didn't dare call their family doctor.

Whenever their relatives and other loved ones stopped by and wished Mark's family, "Happy Thanksgiving." Not even one of them dared to ask about Mark, because if anybody asked them, they could always claim complete ignorance! The Feds knocked on their back door and flashed their golden badges at Mark's family. Silently, they lead them upstairs to Mark's shared bedroom. And they saw Mark sound asleep in his very own bed! How could they help but notice, Mark's tender teen years? How could they not help but notice just how throughly exhausted he was? The Feds smiled at them, and left silently down the stairs, and out the back door.

However, it was completely different with the local hounds of the media. Mark woke up just long enough to become completely invisible inside his bottle, and to transfer his bottle to his very own tree house. The hounds of the media ascended on his very own family's from doorstep! What could they do, but to lead them upstairs to Mark's shared bedroom? Of course the media was astonished to discover Mark's bed unslept in, and to see no sign of his recent presence.

What could the media do but to announce they had no success in locating Diamond, the very elusive, handsome male teenage genie? After they were gone, Mark reappeared in his shared bedroom. Their family pets were the first to greet him! As Mark laid down upon his bed, his younger siblings, started teasing him. His parents and older siblings watched and recorded one of the few tender family moments, they could all be together again. Just for a little while, Mark was able to forget he was Diamond, the Genie!

The press did not go very far away, and silently they crept upstairs. They heard the sound of laughter! And focused all of their attention on Mark aka Diamond, the Genie. The press made no comment, but left as silently as they arrived. Because even they understood, Diamond the teen Genie badly needed to be with his own family. Diamond may be a very powerful genie, but he also was a sixteen year old boy. Fortunately, the Feds and the press missed each other!

"Hello, Mark how are you feeling today? They asked him. "I'm feeling just fine, how may I help you?"Smiles Mark. "Special Agents, we understand you are not in the least bit interested in our son, Mark! But you are very interested in our son, Diamond the Genie!" Mark's family smiles at them. All of them warmly embrace Mark, and leave his shared bedroom. It was because they did not wish to see Mark transform himself into Diamond, the very powerful teen genie!

All of the feds smile at him, "Diamond, take all of us back to our headquarters." They never grew tired of watching Diamond fold his arms, bob his head and blink.

Next thing they knew they were all at the feds HQ and smiling. "Diamond, this is Agent Evan Wainwright, and Agent Wainwright, this is Diamond the genie." They made the necessary introductions. It was Agent Wainwright, who gave Diamond, his permanent vistor's pass.

"Diamond, this is way over due, and all of us are really glad we finally get to meet you." The federal agents had a pot luck, and invited Diamond to share it with them. "Diamond, we are giving you your honorary gold badge and official identification.

Believe us, Diamond it will give you necessary access to whatever you and new partners are working on. Diamond, you are officially welcomed to the FBI."Agent Evan Wainwright concluded his welcome, Diamond to the FBI speech.

Diamond was warmly hugged and embraced by all of them. After Diamond had finished eating, Agent Wainwright informed him. One of the local police departments required his special services.

Diamond the genie transformed himself back into Mark, wearing a suit, shirt, tie and a gold shield! He made his bottle invisible. He entered the police department the regular way and had to sign in as Special Agent Mark Allen Sears aka Diamond.

Those police officers who were able to do so, embraced him and shook his hands. And they made jokes about the youngest fed being a teen genie! They showed him to their debriefing room.

Sargent Adam Kessler introduced Special Agent Sears to his men and women in blue. And he smiled back at them. "I was informed you have a situation that requires my special abilities. But I was also notified that your Sargent, would fill in the blanks for me."

Sargent Kessler played them the recording, requiring payment for kidnapped police officers. Special Agent Sears, I would like you to take some of my officers, and transport them the detention area.

I want you to next transport them to the actual rooms they are holding them in. After my men have taken their abductors into custody, transport all of them back here again. Special Agent Sears, officers did I make myself perfectly clear?"

It was with absolute astonishment, they watched him smile at them, while folding his arms, bobbing his head, and blinking his eyes. The very next thing they were aware of, all of them were at the detention center were their fellow officers were being held captive for ransom.

Nonetheless, it was the second time they were transported into the holding cells. The kidnappers, were taken by complete surprise. Thus it was a direct result, that they offered no resistance. Mark used his genie special powers to set free the grateful police officers.

"Special Agent Sears! You really must be that genie kid, Diamond!" The rescued officers shouted gratefully.

"Imagine that! The feds were smart enough to draft a kid genie and make him a special agent of the FBI!" The police team they transported, signaled Mark to transport them back to their, police precint's headquarters. It was after that Mark contacted them, and transported himself back to his FBI headquarters.

It wasn't long before the news media was informed about Diamond, the Genie becoming drafted as a Special FBI Agent. They did not wait to get John and Jane Q Public's responses. And the media informed them how Diamond helped rescued the kidnapped police officers.

The FBI was watching the news media broadcast concerning Diamond, but it was not only the local FBI that was watching. Our nation's enemies were plotting how to get their hands on the resourceful teen genie, Diamond. When the Feds found out about the plot to kidnap Diamond, he was ordered to put himself into their hands.

Diamond was instructed to play the part of a submissive meek obedient genie. Special Agent Mark Allen Sears got himself into an automobile accident, but it was on purpose. He had received prior permission from his superiors. He was transported by helicopter to the closet hospital.

The news media had a field day! When he was still unconscious, he was kidnapped from his hospital room.

He was put aboard the very same private yacht as he was before. When he woke up, a doctor took good care of him. "Diamond, be a good genie and talk to me." All Diamond could do was moan and pass out. Hence he was transported to a secret location, until he fully recovered.

Our nation's enemies were gloating, because they had our nation's not secret weapon. Diamond had excellent around the clock care, including very attractive nurses. Upon his complete recovery, he was ordered to change into his most elaborate genie costume.

Mark Allen Sears made a note that it was the end of part one of his story about his becoming Diamond, the resourceful teen genie.

He saved it on the hard drive of his desk top computer and used his printer to print some pages. Certainly a proof reader could help him correct any errors? He pondered silently to himself. How was Mark to know, he was not the only interested parties in his story? How was he to know he had an invisible audience reading it while he was typing it on his personal computer?

Actually it was a party of two who were very interested. One of them was Jasmine, the female genie and Fiaria, the butterfly fairy. However, neither one of them was exactly sure, what direct or indirect form of action they should take? If a talented teenage boy wanted to write about his adventures as a bonified genie, wasn't he within his rights in doing so?

After all it was a pure fictional story, or perhaps series of stories he was spending most of his time composing? Wait one New York minute! Just suppose he was successful in getting it published after all? What on God's green earth would happen then? Not only his publisher, but also the general public would want to know the source of his inspirations?

After all the smoke cleared, it was Jasmine, the genie who came up with a solution. "If Mark Allen Sears really is actually interested in becoming, Diamond the male teenage genie? Who are we Fiaria to stand in his way? Suggested Jasmine. "Fiaria, that way instead of being published, it would become our special property! We could use our press to publish it for the mutual amusement and enjoyment of our special people.

"Honestly, Jasmine sometimes you are just too much and you get carried away. You have a really great idea! But you only forgot one important thing! We can't accomplish any thing, not without the talented author's permission!"Counter proposed Fiara, the butterfly fairy, and her partner.

It was then that Mark was permitted to wake up. He was allowed to see the miniaturized genie and butterfly fairy. Mark was even more astonished to see the two fairy tale creatures become human sized! It was fortuitous that the rest of his household were visiting relatives from out of state. Mark volunteered to watch over the house in their absence, but he did not notify his friends because in reality he didn't have any.

The cold hard truth was, Mark could not even rely upon the necessary affection, and admirableness support system of his family's self contained unit. Honestly, why would a teen age boy want to write ridiculous fairy tales, about purely imaginary creatures!

"You must be Jasmine, the genie and you must be Fiara, the butterfly fairy! I consider it both the highest honor and the highest privilege to finally meet the two of you ladies in person!

There is only one vital element in the missing equation. Why are you both here and what do you want with the likes of me?" Mark asked them both loaded questions. "Actually Mark you are the only person that is responsible for our visitations.

The two fairy tale female creatures clearly explained it to him in both language and words that he was well able to comprehend.

Yes! It is because of your stories, we are here Mark and only want what is best for you! You write beautiful stories about us! And just because we consider it a complement we can not let you publish them. The general public just might even get much too curious about our worlds. Snice you wrote about, your alter ego Diamond, the male teen genie!

Why not take advantage of this once in a life time momentous occasion? In other words, how would you like to become, Diamond, the genie and have your own private treehouse?

Instead of a shared bedroom of a your younger brother, who is both ashamed and embarrassed of you?

How would you really like your very own antique glass genie bottle? How would you like to become a master-less genie of your own invention!

You could write as many stories as you liked about us and especially yourself, on your computer!" Smiled his two female fairy tale creatures visitors.

"Ladies, you've just got yourselves an honest to goodness real deal! What have I got to lose, when I have everything to gain! There's no time like the present for a fresh new start and brand new beginning in life!" Mark shook hands with the two ladies.

What happened next was very uniquely original to Mark! He became the very first hybrid genie, Diamond, with butterfly fairy wings! He could either have them visible or invisible depending on the exact circumstances. Diamond looked at himself in his bedroom desser's mirror and was well pleased with himself.

He also had a fairy godmother's magical wand! Likewise he could also make his magical wand vanish into thin air! And of course, his wand could also emit beautiful, large and valuable blue diamonds and blue diamond pizza dust.

Whenever he twirled around he emitted large beautiful sparkling, valuable, blue diamonds and blue diamond pixie dust!

Both ladies were well pleased, and they introduced Diamond, to his whole brave new world.

Most of the things Mark was allowed to take with him included: his personal books, picture and audio books, his Kendell, poetry and short stories both published and nonpublished anthologies and his magazines. Along with: his personal desktop, and laptop computers, all of his writings, his video games, Videos/DVD's and Blue ray disks, and his jut box.

His model cars set and race track and train sets with surrounding villages etc, all of his model submarines, helicopters, planes and his drones and robots, personal and scrape books, his pictures, puzzles and puzzle books, chess set and checkers set and board games.

Most of his things were put away in storage boxes and never even used. Just because he owned more than a few of his favorite things, did not mean he was not feeling oh so very blue.

But all of that disappeared when he became, Diamond the powerful hybrid genie. All of his numerous personal possessions brought a lot of joy to his new found pals,

buddies and friends.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

November 26-27, 2020

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