Be Careful What You Wish for You Just Might Get It. Part Three

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Mark Allen Sears aka Diamond, the genie returned to his federal agents masters. Mark and the federal agents rescued a teen age runnaway girl from the Monroe family.

While Diamond was still invisible, both Jasmine and Fiaria appeared to him invisible. It was after Diamond finally took their advice and decided to run far away from the Monroe family as he could do so.

" Diamond, we all know how you became a genie, while you were still a normal teenage boy. But honestly, wouldn't you like to take a well deserved break, from serving ungrateful humans?" They both asked him.

"We have been very busy interceding on your behalf, and we have good news to tell you! You are quiet free to come with us!"

"I would love to go with the both of you! And thank you for taking such good care of me." Diamond replied.

Faster than a fugitive from justice, the three of them entered in to the secret and concealed worlds of Jasmine and Fiaria: There were rainbow fairies, butterfly fairies, regal fairies and regular fairies. There were also genies amongst the populace of their sanctuary away from the world of humans.

How could Diamond not notice the mermaids, and mermen? The elves and leprechauns and the trolls and the leaf people etc. It was a wonderful world of miniaturization.

There were dis arded dolls and toys that were lost and given life and sanctuary. And there were dis-guarded babies, children, teens and adult humans, and their pets!

When Diamond was shown his natural and beautiful tree house, he clapped his hands and wept for joy! There was a special place just especially for his antique glass genie's bottle. Since it no longer represented bitter captivity, it still did represent privacy!

There was his very own genuine Arabian, magical flying carpet, and a white statue of a white winged magnificent stallion called a appropriately, 'Silver." All he had to do was to wish for silver to be alive to ride him!

How could he but help notice just how much free food and drink there was! Anything he wanted, his powers as a bonfided genie could provide for him. How wonderful it felt to be totally master-less! And to be finally free from the bitterness of painful captivity! He could provide himself anything he wanted to eat and drink, even if it were not vegan.

Because no animal life was lost, when he wanted a well done hamburger and French fries, with a large chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and a cherry on top. He drank a large mug of hot chocolate, with plenty of whipped topping and a cherry on top. And finally he ate a large piece of strawberry shortcake, with angel food cake, fresh strawberries and sauce, with whipped toping and a cherry on top.

Diamond could eat as much as he wanted without adding any unwanted additional pounds because he was a genie. It had been a long time when he last had a substantial meal. He went to sleep inside his bottle on a full stomach for a change.

The feds went to the Monroe estate looking for Diamond, the handsome male teen aged genie. Only to be informed, Diamond had run away from home, and they had no idea where he went to. And because he deserted them, they could care less whatever happened to him, he probably richly deserved it!

When the Feds went back to their car, they saw Diamond's genie bottle on the floor of the back seat. Only when they were far away from what Diamond came to regard as his prison, he exited his bottle. But this time, there was a teenage boy seating in the back seat of their black sedan.

"The Monroe family started treating me like a slave, and that's why I ran away from them. Say, you aren't gonna make me return to them are you? Because ifen you are, I will disappear for keeps!" Mark told them quiet plainly.

"Where are you staying, Mark?" They asked him.

"Some place safe where I can get away from it all! But don't worry, you Feds have treated me pretty decent! If ever you require my services, I'll be around!" Mark smiled at them warmly.

"Even ifen it involves locating a teenage girl who is a member of the Monroe household?"The Feds smiled at Mark.

"Just as long as I can meet them as myself, and not Diamond! I'm pretty sure it'll be okay!" Mark replied.

"In that case, do you mind, Mark ifen we return to your former home?" The Feds asked him.

"Don't worry about a single solitary thing! Because I really am not in the mood for any monkey business. And of course, I will feel completely safe because of you, will be there with me all of the time." Mark replied.

"Alright! Genie! Get us inside the Monroe household!" The Feds ordered him. Mark smiled, folded his arms, bobbed his head and blinked. There is one thing he did not do, was to transform himself into Diamond. Faster than the speed of sound, the feds and Mark entered into the Monroe household.

They were all still looking at the handwritten note. Marilyn Monroe, the missing teen aged girl, had written. They were all shaking their heads, while wonder where in the world they went wrong.

"Maybe, we should call the Feds!" They all mutually agreed. "Don't worry about calling the feds, because we are already here." The Federal Agents smiled at them. "And we did not come alone. Mark Allen Sears, your former genie, and slave brought us here.

Yes, Mark told us all about his being treated exactly like a slave. But don't worry, because he accepts not only your apology, but also your warmest regards. And by the way, Diamond was only on loan to you, because he is the exclusive property of the federal government!" The Feds propounded.

"Diamond! Is that true? Do you really belong exclusively to the Feds?" The Monroe household asks him to tell them the absolute truth.

"We kept close track of you during your time here, and we know you were not here as an agent of the federal government!" The Monroe household loudly exclaimed.

"And we are sorry you were so dreadfully mistreated. But did you tell them, when you first came out of your bottle, as Diamond, you acted just like a bondage slave genie?" The Monroe family smiled at Mark.

"Yes, it is true, but I really thought that was the way genies were suppose to behave towards their masters! Diamond replied truthfully.

Because of his last candid remark, every body started laughing out loud, and releaving the pent up tension.

"Alright! Genie! Our teenage daughter, Marilyn Monroe ran away from home and left this handwritten farewell note to all of us!"

They showed Mark the note, he glanced at it, and gave it to the Feds and they gave it back to the Monroe's. Mark precoded to fold his arms, bobbed his head, and blink! And right before their very eyes was their runaway teenage daughter!

Marilyn, laughed, through her arms around Diamond and kissed the younger teen, soundly on his lips. It was because she was so very glad to be home. She gave him a kiss because she was grateful only!

She used to cry herself to sleep every night, and pray for Diamond to be able to deliver her! Marilyn started hugging kissing everyone including the feds! Apparently, the grass isn't any greener on the other side of the fence.

The Monroe family told Mark, "You belong with the Feds, Mark! We are grateful to you and your federal agent partners. Because of all of you our daughter, Marilyn, has been reunited with her family!

May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine on you... and grant you His peace. And may He smile upon you feds also!"

"May God be with you and your loved ones! Goodbye!" All of their company replied.

Yet it was all of a sudden both the federal agents receive a confidential text message on their Smart i Phones. The text messages were concerning, Diamond, the teen genie. Asking each one of them, did Diamond either contact them and/or return? The feds send a selfie of Mark Allen Sears aka Diamond, the male teen age genie.

"Diamond! Genie! Transport us aboard a Coast Guard Cruiser! Mark became Diamond, and transported the feds and himself aboard a Coast Guard Cruiser.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

November 24-25, 2020

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