Be Careful What You Wish for You Just Might Get It. Part Two Continued.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Diamond, the handsome male genie, just decided to set himself free from his servitude at the harsh hands of the Monroe household.

Mark, welcomes all the acclamation and all of the praise he was receiving. However, he was not hungry, but he was very tired. As a direct result, he badly needed his well deserved rest. Of course, Mark felt himself fading in and out. The two feds who were assigned directly to him, noticed it and produced his antique genie bottle. Mark was glad to enter into his bottle, and change into his resting attire, before safely falling fast asleep. He was unaware of the lid to his bottle being placed on it; neither was he aware of a threatening phone call the feds were receiving because of him.

They were being given specific instructions where they were to leave his bottle and they were instructed to drop it into the closet large body of water. If they knew what was good for them, they were to leave mediately. One thing they were unaware of, the feds had attached a hidden tracking device. Thereby enabling them to always keep track of Diamond's genie bottle.

It was only when the feds were completely out of sight, two female scuba divers jumped off of a yacht. Quickly locating Diamond's navy blue antique bottle, they fished it out of the water and sped away in the private yacht.

In the meantime and in between time, Diamond, the teen male genie slept on. It was the next morning, when Diamond awoke. His female abductors took the lid off of his antique genie bottle, and told him to come out. Diamond, came out of his bottle in dark blue violet smoke. Next, they watched him appear in his elaborate male teen genie costume. He bowed himself down before him, and folded his hands together.

It was accomplished in act of complete submission and subservience. "Ladies, I am yours to command, and I will willingly obey you. Because your slightest wishes are my commands." Diamond blushed a bright red when he noticed his female abductors were only wearing the briefest of French bikinis.

Quickly, he averted and lowered his eyes, and they noticed it. "Ladies, would you like me to provide you much more appropriate attire? Diamond asked very meekly.

"Just how old are you anyway, Diamond?" The ladies asked him point blankly.

"I am currently sixteen years old." Diamond calmly replied.

"We have heard you have an alter ego, and we command you to show us effective immediately!" The ladies grinned at him.

Without uttering a single word of resistance, Diamond folded his arms, bobbed his head and blinked his eyes. Of course, the ladies were well pleased, when a sixteen year old boy reappeared wearing nothing but swimming trunks.

"What name do you now go by, Diamond?" They clearly desired to know.

"My real name is Mark Allen Sears." Mark told them.

"How did you become, Diamond, the heroic genie? The ladies asked him plainly. "

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it," Mark replied. "And now would all of you lovely ladies do me a really big favor and put some more clothes on?"

"And what if we don't Mark? What will you do about it?" They mocked him.

"You just wait and see," Mark answered them. He folded his arms, bobbed his head and blinked. Transforming himself into dark blue violet smoke, he reentered into his bottle. And he made certain he had the lid to his own bottle.

Inside his bottle, Mark changed into Diamond, the genie. Once he accomplished it, he caused caused his bottle to rapidly spin around in circles and vanish into thin air.

Finally, the ladies got his message, and put more clothing on. After they did so, his bottle instantly reappeared. And as Diamond, the submissive teen male genie, he exited his bottle. Once his dark blue violet smoke cleared, he willingly submitted himself to them. After all weren't genies suppose to be submissive?

There was a large Coast Guard Cruiser who contacted their yacht, and demanded they immediately release, Diamond the genie to them! Because they did not want any problems with the Coast Guard, they commanded Diamond to turn himself over to them.

Diamond reentered into his navy blue antique bottle, and caused it to spin around in circles. It resulted in his bottle taken flight and landing on the Coast Guard Cruiser. The Commander of the Cruiser triumphantly held Diamond's bottle in his right hand, and all the crew aboard loudly cheered his victory. Diamond, was considered prize property because the young teen male genie had a perfect track record of performance for his current masters.

Diamond, exited his bottle in his dark blue violet smoke, and reappeared in his elaborate genie costume. He bowed down before them with folded hands and lowered eyes in complete submission to them. "Masters! I will pledge myself on my sacred honor as a genie, to both hear and obey you! Your slightest wish is my command. I will consider it a very high honor indeed to be in your service for as long as you require my services!" Diamond extended his offer to them.

"Diamond, look at this picture of this family. Their boat has been missing for three full days now. Diamond, continue being the very good genie that you are, and lead our cruiser to their boat."

The Coast Guard Commander requested. "Your slightest wish is my command!" Diamond smiled warmly at his own rescuers. They all watched Diamond fold his arms, bob his head, and blink. Thus he was well able to rapidly lead the Coast Guard's cruiser to the stranded family!

When the family saw the cruiser, they thanked God for their timely rescue. But it was Diamond, they warmly embraced. "God bless the day you became a genie, Diamond, and God bless you."

Of course they extended their blessing to the Coast Guard as well. And, of course, the Coast Guard thanked and blessed Diamond also. "Diamond, be the very good genie that you are, and return to the ladies. They probably require your services."

The Coast Guard Commander politely commanded him. "Do not worry, masters I will both honor, and obey your requests!" Diamond the genie replied.

Weren't the ladies surprised when Diamond reappeared on their private yacht and home? Diamond informed them, he had to help the Coast Guard locate a missing family.

"Why did you decide to return to us and offer your services, Diamond?" They grinned at him.

"Because that's the way the Coast Guard wanted it, they told me you probably required my services as well. Do not become alarmed, I am not here as a spy for the Coast Guard. What do you have to worry about in the first place when you haven't broken any laws! Except one when you demanded the feds release me into your custody, but I am not spies for them either!" Diamond grinned back at them and he was glad they had more clothing on.

"Diamond, you have our permission to sit down. We need the money very badly, and we have decided to auction you off to the highest bidder at a closed auction. But we, of course, will record the necessary data of your new owners.

"Diamond, do we have your permission to auction you off?" They pleaded with him. "How can I possible refuse your honest requests, ladies. Yes, of course you may auction me off as soon as you are able to do so." Diamond smiled at them. "I will gladly sign my release of ownership forms, may I please return to my bottle?"

Diamond handed the ladies its lid. All of the ladies nodded their heads yes, and watched Diamond renter his own bottle. Once he was safely inside, one of the women, put back on its lid. Only then did Diamond change into his lounge wear, eat, drink and fall fast asleep. He opened his eyes very briefly, and saw a miniaturized angel hold him tightly. It was the angel who put Diamond safely back to sleep.

After they reached their destination, one of the ladies put Diamond's bottle into a large handbag with a secure zipper and locked mechanisms. Diamond still remained fast asleep. The attractive young woman took Diamond's bottle out her secured handbag, and handed it an armed female security guard. Whereas, she placed Diamond's bottle inside a concealed safe.

She was thinking silently to herself. "Diamond, you may be a very good young male genie. But I hope you understand, I am just trying to keep you those around you safe. That's the bottom line, because it's my job and it's what I was trained to do!" However, Diamond remained completely oblivious to his surroundings, with the notable exception of his very own special angel.

"Diamond, you will be alright! But I am being summoned by my master, and I must leave you now!" He told Diamond. However, it was not until after the angel left him for a season, that Jasmine and Fiara were able to return. Diamond opened up his eyes and smiled at his welcomed feminine companionship. "Diamond! Genie! Don't be afraid, just like the angel said. Wherever you go and wherever you lodge ,we will go with you. And your new human masters won't even have a clue about us! You better eat and drink something, and change into a new and more elaborate genie costume." The advised him carefully. "It is because it will up the starting biding price, and you must not interfere at all. Just act very meek, very submissive, avert and lower your eyes. Y'all know what we mean anyway." They meandered on.

Finally, the moment of truth had arrived for Diamond, the genie to be brought and sold to the highest bidder. He waited for his cue to leave his bottle in dark blue violet smoke. And after he took on solid form, he meekly submitted himself. He bowed very low and folded his hands, and lowered and averted eye contact with the bidders.

"And now I will check the obedience level of Diamond, the young handsome, teen aged male genie!" The auctioneer loudly proclaimed. "Diamond, I want you to transfer back into yourself for the very last time you will permitted to do so!" The auctioneer loudly proclaimed.

Diamond, the genie was changed back to Mark Allen Sears, for what they believe to be for the very last time. Thereby demonstrating to his vast audience, he did not need his genie costumes to performed assigned tasks. When he was told to transform himself back into Diamond, he did so at once.

Next he was ordered back into his bottle, and the auctioneer explained he should always be kept inside it. Unless, he had to grant wishes for his new masters. The auctioneer told the people, to always keep the lid on his bottle, and to place his bottle into a secure and concealed location. Because whoever posses his bottle, posses Diamond.

"Diamond is not a dangerous genie, it is for his sake and yours, such necessary precautions become enforceable." Strongly advised the auctioneer.

Finally the bidding started and a extremely wealthy family paid a substantial amount to the ladies. It was because they won Diamond at the closed auction to the general public.

The ladies in turn gave a portion of their new money to the former owner of the yacht, thereby paying him off in full. The vast majority of the money went to pay off long over due past expenses and bills. The remainder, they used for maintenance of their private yacht and themselves.

They entered the vast, private and concealed estate. The legal representatives of the Monroe family's financial empire, proudly produced Diamond's bottle to his new master's family. Never the less what was the fun of owning their own genie, if he had to spend most of his time cooped up in his bottle?

Henceforth, they released his lid and they released Diamond, the genie. "Diamond! Genie! Please continue being the good, meek, obedient and submissive genie that you are! For you were purchased for a substantial price! And all of us will get along just fine! Diamond, forthwith we command you to get out of your bottle effective immediately."

They issued him a direct command. Diamond exited his antique navy blue glass bottle in a cloud of dark blue smoke. His smoke transforms itself into a teen male genie, dressed in an extremely elaborate costume. Slowly, he decides to prostate himself, and averted and lowers, his eyes. It was because of his new masters' wealthy, powerful and inspirational life styles. Since they brought him at a great price! And they wanted him to be submissive, he would not disappoint them. His nerves started tinkling and instantly he knew, they not only wanted a genie, they wanted a slave! "

There, there Diamond, genie you have our permission to rise! He placed his hand and cupping his chin, once he did arise. Even then Diamond lowered and averted his eyes.

"Diamond, I know you are trying very hard to be a good genie! But by the grace of Almighty God, when I address someone, I expect to make eye contact with him. That is the very last time you will prostrate yourself before any one us! Do we make our selves perfectly clear!"One of His owners bellowed!

Diamond looked him directly in his eyes, smiled, and nodded his head once for yes.

"Diamond, I clearly wanted a yes or no answer do you read me?" He bellowed once more.

"Yes Masters, I both hear and obey!" replied Diamond very meekly. After he answered he looked his masters in their eyes, and smiled. But afterwards, he averted and lowered his eyes, folded his hands together, and bowed down low before all of them. They explained to him there would no more bowing or indirect eye contact tolerated!

And once more Diamond replied," Yes Masters, I both hear and obey." "Diamond, you may be our genie, but the grace of Lord God Almighty! We are not your masters and you are not our slave! The only time you have to do your well rehearsed submissive genie routine, is when it is required. And Diamond, change out of that genie outfit for a more appropriate one."

Diamond turned into wearing the uniform of their male servants. However, his new masters were not in the least impressed. Finally, at long last, Diamond transformed himself into a fabulous wealthy young teen male. It was the final time, his new masters were welled pleased.

They asked him his real name and he told them Mark Allen Sears and that he was a sixteen year high school junior.

Hence forth, they called him Mark. Whereas, the servants called him, Mister Mark. Not only would he successfully complete high school, he would also receive a college education at no cost. As for his bottle, Mark was ordered to make it disappear.

His new owners also knew Mark did not have to become Diamond to grant their wishes and requests. Fortunately, Mark clearly understood, they would still treat him as a genie! The Monroe family would have Diamond perform not only for them, but for their uninvited and invited guests. However they understood just how throughly exhausted Mark was because of Diamond.

Mark was escorted to his wonderful living quarters. He even had his own servants to attend to him. His male staff members assigned to serve him, helped him out of his ensemble, into his fine bed clothes. The female servants served him warm milk toast; which he devoured, and fell fast asleep for several days. Since they were worried about the young man, they had their very own private physicians carefully exam him. In their professional opinions, this particular young man was throughly physically and emotionally exhausted.

Quite frankly he badly needed undisturbed rest and complete privacy. Of course, the Monroe family strictly followed their sound advice. Eventually, Mark awoke in strange and luxurious surroundings! After he releaved himself, he went back to bed and ringed his buzzer. After he ate, drank, and had a luxurious bath, his male servants helped him into elaborate morning attire.

"In heavens name! What is the sense of having a healthy young handsome male genie! If we only treat him as a member of our family?"

Mark felt a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach! He had a really good thing going for him, but it was only allowed for a very brief time period! From now he would act like he was suppose to behave, as a combination genie and slave!

Mark was being observed by the servants and they could not help but see the light of hope leave his eyes. Those that were able to observe him, watched him fold his arms, bobb his head, and blink his eyes. How could they help but notice his dark blue violet smoke enter into his bottle? The servants put the lid back on his bottle.

Because they were well aware just how subservient Diamond, the genie was when he first was released from his bottle. Diamond changed into yet another elaborate young male genie costume. They were the garments of his bondage and captivity once he was back inside his bottle. Because his bottle was sound proof, he wept bitter tears of grief and misery. Looking at his reflection in his antique mirror, he saw the tracks of his tears, and his sad and unhappy face. It would never do to let them observe the dept of his misery and despair.

Because he was a genie, he rapidly changed and disguised his misery. When their masters asked to see Mark, their servants showed them Diamond's antique glass genie bottle.

"What's this happy nonsense, why is Diamond, the genie back inside his bottle? Especially since we strictly ordered him not to do it!" They bellowed. They ordered their servants to comply.

Their servants handed, the senior member of the Monroe family's house hold, Diamond's bottle and withdrew from the room. He opened up Diamond's bottle, and once more he became the very subservient genie. In complete and total alarm, they watched him prostrate himself before them. They observed in horror as he averted and lowered his eyes. The youngest male member present, cupped Diamond's chin upward, and desired to look inside his eyes. But alas all Diamond did was to close his eyes completely!

"Diamond! Open your eyes effectively immediately and obey me genie!" He ordered him harshly. Diamond obeyed and he looked in horror into the young genie's eyes and saw the light of hope no longer there!

Matilda Monroe reentered the room by bursting into it. "In heaven's holy name, what in God's green earth, is going on here!" She shouted loudly. "Are you satisfied, Auntie dearest Matilda? You wanted Diamond, the genie to be nothing more but a slave! Why not take a good look at his eyes!"

Auntie dearest Matilda not only observed no light of hope in his eyes, but also his unhappy countenance and the many tracks of his tears!

"Oh my God in heaven, what have I ever done to you, Diamond that caused you such grief and misery?"

"Auntie dearest Matilda he probably over heard you! And decided to give you what you wished for. A young slave of a genie! Did you honestly expect him to welcome his new and harsh bondage! Diamond may be a genie, but he is also a badly frightened teen aged boy!

Because some ladies were in trouble, Diamond allowed himself to be sold to us just because we were the highest bidders! You don't deserve Diamond's family loyalty to us!" Her nephew harshly told her the truth and put his arms around her and she started started crying.

Diamond did not rise, but maintained his submissive prostrating himself. They raised Diamond to his feet, and he looked at his new masters, but did not speak. Gently they told the genie to return to his bottle, and Diamond placed his bottle in the attic.

The servants followed him, and placed his bottle in his quarters. When he was released from his bottle, he started weeping uncontrollably. The servants held Diamond tightly and reassured him every thing would turn out be alright after all.

How could the entire household help but know, but that Diamond was weeping over the harshest of his prolonged captivity! Very carefully, the male servants helped him into some fresh bed clothes, and put the young genie back to bed. One of the female servants served him fresh warm milk toast, and helped put him back to sleep.

Auntie Matilda Monroe tip toed into his chambers and watched the unhappy young man sleep.

She whispered into his right ear, "Diamond, I am very sorry, I was going to mistreat you so very cruelty! I know you are getting some well deserved rest! Young man, please excuse a very stupid older woman! When you awake, I promise things will be a lot different around here, Mark." She kissed him on his forehead and silently left his chambers.

"I'm so sorry I waited to apologize to Diamond until he fast asleep again." She told the other available members of the household. "It's gonna be alright, Auntie Matilda!"

They hugged their aunt and she started bawling. Once Mark awoke he was somewhat surprised to see himself back in his personal chambers. After he releaved himself, and cleaned himself up in his own private restroom, he returned to his bed. He allowed himself to waited on hand and foot and be served a nice breakfast in bed.

Once his tray was removed, Auntie Matilda Monroe, smiled at him, embraced him warmly and apologized to him! Mark accepted her apology especially when she told him to make his bottle invisible! Mark hugged her back and went back to sleep again.

"Get all the sleep you need Mark, after all you are a growing boy." She kissed him on his forehead and left his chambers. Mark awoke only to releave himself and be served his meals in bed. Gradually though he started rising from his bed and looking around at his luxurious surroundings.

"Dear Lord God whatever did I do to deserve such happiness as this!" He praised and thanked God!

When he buzzed his man servants, they helped him get dress. They took him to the private office of the senior member of the Monroe household. Martin Monroe looked at the transformation of Mark Allen Sears and was well pleased. "Mark earlier I made some promises to you which I fully intend to keep!" Come here boy and let me take a good look at you!"

How unfortunate it was for Mark that he did not live long enough to keep any of his promises! He passed away the same time as Auntie Matilda did! It was after the funeral that there was a changing of the guard at the Monroe household.

The younger new head of household, succeeded in having Mark once more become, Diamond the genie. Diamond was expected to prostate himself, avert and lower his eyes. It was a short time later, Diamond was securely back into the confines of his bottle sanctuary. Jasmine, the genie and Fiara, the butterfly fairy visited Diamond inside his antique glass bottle.

They both kissed Diamond on his forehead, and warmly embraced him. Then they showed him a note about his resignation from the harsh servitude of the Monroe family. Very gladly, Diamond signed both of his names. They left his letter of resigned pinned to a mirror in his former chambers.

However, his letter of resignation was burned by a cigarette lighter by a lesser member of the Monroe household. Diamond, watched her burn his letter. and he made his bottle invisible.

When the Monroe household tried to locate Diamond, they could not find him. And when they vainly called out his name many times, they received no answer. Diamond did much more than make his bottle invisible, he left the Monroe household.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954 Roxy

1954/ October Country November 23 &24, 2020

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