Be Careful What You Wish for You Might Just Get It. Part Two.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Mark discovers he has the power of a genie even as himself, and he willingly became federal governmental property.

"Diamond, we are taking you back home again, to your family! Look at us, Mark, you are going home where you belong." The Feds put their arms around him and held him tight. "Mark are you going to be alright?" They looked at him in his eyes and saw his painful anguish there.

Mark nodded his head slowly, but did not speak. The Feds drove him back home, and his family embraced him. They took him to the kitchen and started preparing him something to eat and drink. But instead, Mark collapsed right in front of them, and they called 911!

The paramedics took one look at Mark, and rushed him into the emergency ward of the hospital. Both of his parents traveled with him, his mother traveled with him in the aid car. Whereas, his father was a passenger in a police car. All Mark did was close his eyes, and did not open them up. While his father signed the forms, his mother went into the designated room with him. She smiled at him and held his hand and her son squeezed it back.

The medical technicalness could find nothing wrong with him and brought him food and drink. They watched Mark eat and drink it so they decided to give him a complete meal.

Mark opened up his eyes and spoke, "Mother, where am I?"

"You are in the hospital Mark, and son they will take good care of you here." His mother reassured him. "

"They can't cook nearly as good as you can, mom!" He complimented her.

The nurse and than the emergency ward doctor arrived. "Mark, we are going to keep you in the hospital for a twenty four hour observational period. If you continue to improve, we will send you right back home where you belong. Would you like to go back home again?"

"Yes, I wanna go back home again!" replied Mark. And twenty four hours later, he got to go back home again. This time when him mother fixed and served him food and drink, he ate her meal with pleasure. Monday morning, he went back to school, but he spent the weekend playing catch up. Everybody was glad to see him even his teachers. Mark was back in one of his classrooms. When suddenly, he felt his nerves start to tinkling.

He heard his classmates scream. "Diamond, save us that small plane is gonna crash right into our building." Quickly, Mark folded his arms and bobbed his head, and turned the plane into a model aircraft. Mark never knew he had powers when he was just himself until now, and it was a good thing for him to know. Mark folded his arms again and bobbed his head, and turned himself into dark blue violet smoke. It was when he reappeared, it was as Diamond, the genie.

He heard them call out his name, "Diamond!" and cheer! They watched as he folded his arms and bobbed his head for a third time. All of them watched him disappear, but he reappeared in the hospital's emergency ward.

It was all of the staff and people of the emergency ward, that eye witnessed, the appearance of Diamond, the genie. They saw him hold a model airplane in his right hand, and they saw him reach inside and pull out a small unconscious young female pilot. Next they saw him transform her into her regular size and carry her in his strong arms.

The hospital staff took the young female piolet from his arms, and say," God bless you, Diamond, and now be a good genie and bring her husband here. Because he has to sign some forms."

Diamond smiled at them, and said, " Do not worry, because I will go personally, and bring her husband here, and show him this plane." Diamond flashed them a brilliant smile, folded his arms and bobbed his head.

Hence they watched him transform himself into dark blue violet smoke and disappear. Only to reappear into a board meeting, all ready in progress. Her husband, was making his presentation. It was than that they eye witnessed Diamond, the genie reappear in a dark blue violet smoke. In utmost amazement they watched appear as Diamond, the male teenage genie.

They saw his elaborate teen male genie costume of his own design, and saw them smile at them. "Please, do not be afraid, because I mean you no harm." Next he showed them a model airplane and gave it to her husband. "This airplane belongs to your wife, I saved her life, and now I will take you to hospital to sign some forms." Diamond reassured him. "Do not worry, I will bring him back to all of you again, and I will mention nothing about the purpose of your meeting. I solemnly pledge on my sacred honor as a genie." He informed them.

"No, Diamond do not bring him back here, because his place right now is with his wife. God bless you Diamond! And Diamond, thank you for being a good genie, and saving his wife's life!"

They loudly cheered him. While they were cheering him, he folded his arms and bobbed his head, transporting him and her husband. When they reappeared again, they were at the emergency department at the hospital.

Before he signed the necessary forms, he warmly embraced Diamond. "God bless you Diamond, and thank you for saving my wife's life."

Diamond was getting ready to leave and return to school again, when a young girl screamed hysterically and embraced him. "Diamond, thank God you are still here! My boyfriend has been in a motorcycle accident! And I love him and unless you save his life, he is gonna die!"

Diamond continued to let the hysterical girl embrace him, he bobbed his head and they vanished. But this time the two of them became invisible in the operating room, and Diamond froze the operational procedure. Before they left he unfroze them, and let them witness the fact. That the teen was going to live after all! Resulting in his saving her boyfriend's life, but he returned her to her boyfriend's parents.

They embraced her and asked, "Diamond, what exactly happened to our son?"

"Your son is going to live and not die, I took care of it so don't worry about a thing." He calmly reassured them. Once more Diamond was preparing to leave, when the emergency ward doctor's approached him.

"Diamond! Genie we want the whole truth about what just happened in the operating room!"

"I will be glad to answer you! His girl friend and I were in the operating room, but we were invisible, so you could not see us. I froze the operational procedures and saved her boyfriend's life. I than unfroze you and took the girl to her boyfriend's parents. Look, her boyfriend was never going to survive his operation. I just did whatever I could do to help out. If I am in some sort of trouble, I will surrender myself to the proper authorities!" Diamond explained to them what exactly happened in there.

They warmly embraced him and said," May God richly bless you Diamond! Diamond, because you are a very good genie! Why should we punish you! Without your help, the boy would have died in our operating room. Because there was nothing any of us could do about it."

Since Diamond was hungry he smiled at them and vanished. He reappeared in the cafeteria, and had his prepaid debt card ready that his parents gave him.

The cafeteria staff informed him gladly, "Diamond, any thing you want to eat and drink is on the house!" They smiled and watched him fill up a couple of trays and completely finish his meal. They laughed and said, "Diamond, you may be a genie, but when it comes to your appetite, you are nothing more than a typical teenage boy!"

"Thank you for helping me out," Diamond smiled at them.

They watched him fold his arms and bobb his head and disappear in dark blue violet smoke. Diamond reappeared at his local high school as himself, Mark Allen Sears. There was another class in session, when he grabbed his back pack.

He was starting to silently leave the room when the teacher spoke to him and asked, "Mark, where were you all this time? "

"As Diamond, the genie, I was kept pretty busy. Do I have your permission to leave?" He replied with a question of his own. The teacher gave him a hall pass, so he could go to his next period class.

"Mark, why are you late for class?" His teacher asked him. "Were you running around as Diamond, the hero genie?" She looked at him and he smiled and replied, "Yes Miss Brooks, I was. And I am sorry I am late for class."

"Never mind, Mark all of us have heard about what happened. Therefore, this time, you are excused. Please take your seat and sit down."

Mark smiled at her warmly and sat down in his assigned seat. Because he was a speed reader, he rapidly caught up with the rest of his class. "Teacher's pet!" His class jeered at him.

Mark smiled at them and said, "If I am gonna be a teacher's pet, I might as well be a good one, meow!"

His remark caused them all to laugh at him, but he did not mind because he considered the source. Mark noticed the federal agents he was acquainted with standing in the door way and clapping their hands.

Miss Brooks smiled at them and said," Gentlemen, what can I do for all of you?" "Mame, we have come for Diamond, the genie, because he has just become federal governmental property."

They flashed their golden badges at her. He may be Diamond, the genie but he also a teen age boy, and you are robbing him of his education!" Miss Brooks retaliated.

"It's alright Miss Brooks, I don't want to cause you any problems. After all it is not their fault, I am also, Diamond the genie. Therefore, I will leave with the federal agents and turn myself into their custody."

Mark picked up his back pack and left with the federal agents. "Goodbye, Mark I'm really going to miss you," She waved at him.

"Goodbye, Miss Brooks and goodbye class." He saluted them while he was departing with the federal agents.

None the less, the federal agents reassured, Miss Brooks, Mark would successfully complete high-school. He would also be able to receive his high school diploma, and they would see to it personally. Mark would be using the same text books, and the exact same course material as his former classmates.

"Where are you taking me?" He asked as they left the building." "

Just get inside the backseat of the car, and be a good genie." They replied with a smile. And by the way, Diamond, we aren't taking you any where. Because from now on you are taking us."

"Alright, that is no problem, I can do it without my genie costume," Mark smiled at them. "Would you like me to prove it to the both of you feds?"

"Okay, Mark you are on! Turn this black sedan into a powerful black helicopter already in flight! They challenged him.

Mark folded his arms, bodded his head and blinked his eyes. Their black sedan became a powerful black helicopter already in flight.

"Where would you like me to take you?" He asked them and they replied to their federal building.

Once more Mark folded his arms, bobbed his head, and blinked again, and landed their chopper at their federal building.

The two feds and Mark got out of the chopper. Mark did it all again, and transformed the chopper back into their plain black sedan. "Thanks for the lift, Mark we really needed that."

The two feds escorted Mark into the Federal Building. When Mark entered into the federal building, he was greeted with a standing ovation.

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry,

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy1954/ October Country

November 22 &23, 2020

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