Be Careful What You Wish for Part One Continued.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Once more, Diamond the genie, became Mark Allen Sears. A sixteen year old high school junior.

That night, Diamond's the genie performances were canceled because of Marla Lea, his master's teenage daughter. It was a good thing, because the Golden Goose Casino was raided by the FBI!

While her father's casino was being raided, his genie and his daughter slept on. "Open up the safe, and take out the antique genie's bottle." Said the FBI Agent. "Then open up the bottle and set Diamond, the genie free! He belongs back home again with his family. I heard Marla Lea, his daughter is confined inside the bottle with him."

They opened up the safe and let the two young people out, and next they opened up the genie bottle. And they watched as Diamond, the genie and Marla Lee exited the bottle. "Listen Diamond, we have been under a lot of pressure to set you free, and return you back home again to your family. But would it be okay if Marla Lea stayed with your family?" The FBI agents smiled at them.

"Listen Diamond, do you think you could transform yourself back again?" "It will be my pleasure, Sirs!" Replied Diamond, the genie. In the blink of an eye, Diamond was transformed back into himself, Mark Allen Sears.

Marla Lea looked at Mark, threw her arms around him, and kissed him soundly on his lips! After she released him, the FBI gave Mark his former home away from home. It was his genie bottle as a souvenir. The FBI called Mark's parents and told them they would be transporting him back home. They also told them about Marla Lee, and got their permission to take care of her also. Once they got home again, Mark's entire family ran out to greet them. It felt so good to be back home again once more!

It was Sunday night, but Monday morning, Mark's parents helped enroll Marla Lea in high school. As for the genie's bottle, his family put it away in the attic. Out of sight and out of mind. "Hey every body! Mark's back again where he belongs!" His friends rushed to meet him and Marla.

His teacher's were going to allow him time to catch up on his missed assignments. With the stipulation he did the work himself without becoming a genie. After every thing Mark had undergone, nobody called him Diamond anymore. It was because they thought it would bring back bitter memories of his captivity as a teen age genie.

However there was a kidnapping case involving the disappearance of a young girl. Her family told the Feds, they would not talk to them, without Diamond, the genie being present. The Feds sent the same agents who rescued Diamond, when he and Marla Lee were in captivity. Mark was called down to the principal's office, saw the Feds and smiled at them.

"Diamond, genie we are very sorry, but we really need you to do us a really big favor, right about now." Smiled the Feds.

"Do I have a choice?" Smiled Diamond. "Diamond, a young girl has been kidnapped! And her family won't accept help from us without help from you!" Pleaded the Feds.

"Look, I'm sorry! I'll be glad to help. Do you want me to transform myself now, or later on?" Accepted Diamond.

"Right now would be a perfect time for you to become a genie again, Diamond!" Faster than a supersonic jet plane, Diamond transformed himself into dark blue violet smoke. Next he became, Diamond the male teen age genie, dressed in an elaborate genie costume. Finally he bobbed his head, and transported the entire party to the missing girl's mansion. The FBI blessed the day Diamond, the genie came into existence. The little girl's kidnappers were willing to exchange her for Diamond!

Once again, Diamond went into captivity as a male, teenage genie. He served his captures morning, noon and night twenty four hours. Because he was deprived of both food and drink and sleep, he felt himself growing weaker every day!

"Diamond! Genie what is wrong with you!" They called out to him because they were watching him fade away.

"I am sorry I am not pleasing you!" Diamond said weakly. Next thing they knew, Diamond was completely invisible.

But when Diamond smelled food and knew it was for him, he reappeared very faintly! This time it was they who waited upon him! They provided him with plenty of food and drink. How could they not help but notice just how hungry and thirsty he was! They looked into his eyes and saw he was completely exhausted from a prolonged period of having no sleep or rest!

"Diamond! Genie! Enter into your bottle now and stay there until you have fully recovered! That is a direct order!"

One of the younger women felt guilty and called the Feds. She was an undercover agent and she told them about Diamond's weakened condition! Once the Feds arrived, they saw all of the riches Diamond had supplied for his greedy masters, at the expense of his own health. The Feds took Diamond's bottle, which had become his prison. They opened up his lid and told him, that he was being set free! But Diamond did not reply because he was sound asleep and could not hear them.

Diamond saw Jasmine, the genie and Fiara the butterfly fairy in his safe and secure dream land. They reassured him he was going to be alright! They gave him the strength to wake up and exit his bottle. Once he did, the Feds saw Diamond's weakened condition!

"You don't deserve Diamond! You sacrificed his well being for your greed and avarice! You are all under arrest! Just because Diamond is a genie, doesn't give you the right to abuse and neglect him!" Said the Feds angrily. They held Diamond in their arms and saw him close his eyes!

"You are free, Diamond!" They loudly exclaimed. "Change back into yourself, if you are able to do so!" Diamond smiled at them weakly, folded his arms bowed his head and bobbed it. Instantly transforming himself back to Mark Allen Sears!

"Oh my goodness! Diamond the genie is nothing more than a teen aged boy!" His former masters exclaimed.

"Before Diamond became a genie, first he was nothing more than a sixteen year old high school junior. How and why he became Diamond, the genie is a complete mystery to all of us!" The Feds replied.

"Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!" Mark replied weakly before becoming unconscious! The Feds rushed him to the emergency ward of the closet hospital.

Both Jasmine, the genie and Fiara, the butterfly fairy were in his thoughts. But of course, they decided to remain invisible to everyone else. "Diamond, you are safe and you are free!" They calmly reassured him.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

November 21 &22, 2020

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