Be Careful What You Wish for Part One.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Diamond, became the new combination boy friend and body guard of his master's daughter. As a genie he was kept carefully confined, and she joined him in his confinement.

The very next school day, Mark aka Diamond was the target of his school mates. The word was out that he was a genie. But they were very careful because they did not want him to change them into some sort of animals! Finally, it became time for his PE class, and Coach Ethan called Mark into his office. He locked the doors and pulled down the blinds.

Diamond, be a good genie and look me straight into my eyes!" The coach said calmly. "Do you know what I have on my desk? It is a special present from me to you!"

"What do you want from me, Coach?" Diamond smiled at him.

See this antique blue bottle on my desk, Diamond?" "If you are a really good genie, it's gonna be your new home! I want you to turn yourself into dark blue violet smoke, and enter into your new home. You are a genie, Diamond! And genies belong in antique bottles or in magic lamps! Genies don't belong in high school and hiding their magical powers. When I let you out, you are gonna be wearing the proper clothes for a genie!

It will be exactly what you wish for!" Smiled Diamond, the teen genie. Diamond transformed himself into dark violet blue smoke, and entered into the antique bottle. Then the coach put the lid on the bottle! Holding onto Diamond's antique blue bottle, he had Diamond transport them into his favorite bar, The Golden Goose. He walked into a back concealed room where the loan sharks were waiting for him. He let the dark blue lid off of Diamond's bottle. Diamond came out of the dark blue violet bottle in smoke of the same color. This time he was dressed in the garments of a male genie.

He bowed down before them with his hands together. What do you wish for? Your every wish is my command."

Apparently Diamond forgot his alter ego of Mark Allen Sears. He was transformed into a genuine male genie.

"I told yeah the kid Diamond was a real live genie and now do you believe me. Take him he's yours, please just cancel all of my debts I owe your boss!" Pleaded the coach.

"Is this some kind of a trick?" The loan sharks wanted to know. "Diamond, are you really a genuine genie?"

Yes masters! My name is Diamond and I am really a male genie. Your every wish is my command! Replied Diamond, the genie.

"What did yeah turn the coach into?" They wanted to know.

"I turned him into a laughing hyena, masters!" Answered Diamond, the genie.

"Our first command for you, Diamond, is to transform the coach back into a laughing hyena, and get rid of him!"

Right before their very eyes Diamond granted their wish. But when he sent the coach back to the high school, he became himself once again.

"Get back into your bottle, genie. We've got places to go and fish to fry." Diamond, bowed himself down and held his both hands together.

"Your every wish is my command masters.

Diamond entered his bottle. And the loan sharks put the its lid on. Next they had him transport all of them into their boss' private office in Los Vegas Nevada. When the coach returned to his office, he unlocked his door.

"Where's Diamond? What have you done with him coach?" Asked his concerned students. "I had no choice, some goons threaten to break every bone in my body, and put me into cement shoes, to become fish food!" The Coach started bawling.

"Diamond really thinks he is nothing but a genie thanks to me! I turned him to some Los Vegas Loan sharks! They all are probably in Los Vegas now!

"Not just you, coach, but because of all of us. Maybe Diamond will be better off in Los Vegas as a real genie?"They vainly tried to comfort him.

"Diamond, we are your friends, and we wish you would come back to us! We promise not to tease you anymore about your being a real live genie! Your name is Mark Allen Sears and your handle is Diamond!"

Suddenly there was dark blue violet smoke, which became transformed into a teen aged youth. But he did not bring his bottle with him, he left it with the Los Vegas Loan sharks. He threw his arms around his friends and held them tightly.

"Sorry about everything coach! It's good to be back again as myself. I guess we all have to be very careful what we wish for. Because we all might much more than we ever, bargained for in the first place." Laughed Mark Allen Sears.

Meanwhile back in Los Vegas, when some Loan Sharks opened up an antique bottle, there was no genie inside!

"What is this happy nonsense! I see two Loan Sharks, and an empty antique bottle. But I see no kid who is a genuine teenage male genie!" Shouted their boss.

"Diamond! Genie! We have your bottle, and we are your masters! We order you to appear before us right now, right this very minute!" Shouted the two desperate loan sharks.

"Looks like I have to go because I am a genie and I have to choice but to obey them! Don't worry about me! As long as I behave myself, they should leave our coach alone!" Stated Diamond, the teen aged male genie. "I'm really gonna miss all of you! Audios Muches! And coach stay outta the Golden Goose Bar."

Diamond, waved goodbye to all of his friends. They watched him change into his dark violet blue, male teenage genie outfit. They were astonished to discover his elaborate genie costume. He had provided for himself. Right in front of their eyes, Diamond, became transformed into some dark violet blue smoke. And promptly vanished in front of all of them!

"Don't worry about, Diamond, guys after all he is really a genie. And he is well able to take care of himself." Comforted their coach.

"Coach! do yeah honestly think we will ever see Diamond again!" Asked his students.

"Only in our dreams guys, because genies like Diamond only happen, in dreamland." Their coach carefully replied.

The Los Vegas, Loan Sharks boss was a casino owner. He was amazed to see with his own eyes. Dark blue violet smoke appear right before him, and to see a young teenage male genie, Diamond. Diamond was clad in a elaborate genie costume he had designed for himself. After all if he was going to be nothing but a genie from now on, why not look like one? At least the coach would be safe, just as long as he behaved himself, and followed their orders. He had better get use to loneliness!

"Well! Well! Boys our Golden Goose Casino has a new act! Come one and come all to see the genuine teenage male genie, Diamond perform right before your very eyes! Boys just as long as we have our genie! Ain't nobody gonna wanna mess around with us! And having Diamond is much better than ever having a Leprechauns pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Because Diamond is able to grant us unlimited wishes!

Diamond, when we don't need you, you are commanded to stay inside your bottle at all times. And I am going to place your bottle inside my secure safe. Ifen you ever think about escaping, we will know it. Come on Diamond, and be a good genie! What do yeah have to say for yourself?" Laughed his new masters.

Diamond, bowed down before them, and folded his hands together. Just exactly like a good genie should. He was very humble while he lowered his eyes in meek submission.

"Look me right into my eyeballs, Diamond and answer me! I am your new master and you are nothing more but my genie!" Shouted their boss.

"Your slightest wish, is my command master!" Replied, Diamond, the unhappy young genie. What is it you want me to do for you, master?"

"Get into your bottle, and stay there, Diamond! Get some shut eye, because your first performance is tonight!" Commanded the casino owner.

Diamond followed his commands. After he fixed himself something substantial to eat, he fell fast asleep. When the time came close to his first command performance, Diamond was released from his bottle. Diamond was given step by step explicit instructions and he decided to follow them completely.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, The Golden Goose Casino is proud to announce the first performance of Diamond, the teen male genie. I am going to release Diamond from his bottle which is his home when he is not performing!"

He dramatically remove the lid from Diamond's antique dark blue bottle. And there were plenty of oohs and ahas when dark blue violet smoke slowly came out of the bottle! Slowly Diamond began to take form and appeared as a young teen aged genie in an elaborate costume. Diamond followed each command immediately, and perfectly. Upon the completion of his performance, his audience had no chance to interact with him. Because the closing portion of his performance, was his renterance into the confines of his bottle.

Poor unhappy Diamond! He fixed himself something to eat, and then fell fast asleep. He knew his bottle would be placed inside a secure safe, and that he was being held captive!

In his dream a beautiful young butter fly fairy and a beautiful genie, Jasmine were watching over him while he slept. "Diamond, is no longer a young teen age male human being! Behold, he has become one of us, and he is being held prisoner!" Remarked Jasmine, the forever young female genie.

"It remains to be seen what shall ultimately become of him! Jasmine, in order to be able to release Diamond from his captivity, we really need permission to set him forever free!" Replied Fiara, the butterfly fairy, and one of her partners.

t was then Diamond awoke from his strange and wonderful dream. It was only then he realized, he could truly be free, if only in his dream world! He could hear the safe door opening up, and he knew he was to be released, for a very short time period. Diamond saw the lid of his bottle being removed and he knew it was his signal to leave his bottle.

His master never grew tired of watching Diamond remove himself from his bottle. It was one of the many high lights of his day!

"Diamond, I just got back from my doctor, and he told me my heart was as sound as a dollar!" His master said.

"I am very happy to hear about your good report, master!" Smiled Diamond, the handsome teenage male genie. "Is there anything you would like for me to do for you master? Remember your slightest wish is my command."

"My beautiful teenage daughter Marla Lea has just dumped anther one of her boyfriends. And am I glad! I was worried sick every time she went riding on his chopper with him!" Smiled his master.

"Diamond, what do you look like when, you are not acting like a genie? I have every reason her life is in double jeopardy all because of her old man! I want you to be more than her boyfriend, I want you to also be her body guard. Do you still have your powers as yourself?

"Don't worry about it chief! I wasn't dressed like this when I first discovered my powers." Smiled Diamond.

"Diamond, what's your real name?" Asked his boss man. "My real name is Mark Allen Sears and I am sixteen years old."

"Very well then, Mark change outta your genie costume." Requested his boss.

Mark changed into his regular clothes and smiled at him. "What you see is what you get boss-man!"

His daughter Marla Lea burst into his office, and held her daddy tight. "Whose the dude, daddy dearest?" Marla asked her daddy.

"His name is Mark Allen Sears, and he is my genie! Just for the time being, Mark is gonna be your new boyfriend. I mean if you can't trust your genie, who can you trust?" Stated her loving father.

" What about his command performances as a genie?" She asked him.

"Relax, my darling girl, I have it all figured out! You are gonna be his new partner! That a way he can watch over you during his command performances. In the meantime, in between time, you can keep him company." Answered her darling father. "Inside his bottle, that way neither one of you will be lonely."

"Daddy, Mark maybe a genie, but he is still a teenage boy! What makes you think he will behave himself?"

She asked him. "Diamond, do I have your word of honor as a genie, you will behave yourself like a perfect gentleman at all times?" Marla Lea quizzed him. Mark took her cue and changed himself back into his genie costume.

"Of course I shall, daughter of my master! I hereby pledge myself to behave myself on my sacred honor as a genie!" He turned the two of them into dark blue violet smoke and they entered into his bottle together.

Her loving father, than securely locked up both of them inside his secure safe! "Diamond, genie hold me tight because I a badly frightened! My very life is in double jeopardy!" Pleaded Marla Lea,who began sobbing uncontrollably.

"I've got you Marla Lee, and I am a genie. I promise no harm will befall you while you are under my protective custody!" He reassured her confidentially.

While wrapping both of his tender loving arms around her and holding her close to his chest. She fell asleep in his strong arms and he held her closely while she slept.

Under no circumstances did he even think about taking advantage of her present state of mind. Even if she fully recovered, Marla Lea was still his master's daughter, and therefore off limits permanently!

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

November 21, 2020

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