Be Careful What You Wish for Because You Just Might Get It Introduction.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Be careful what you wish for: Mark Allen Sears, aka Diamond, wished to be able to have unlimited wishes when he was younger. Henceforth when he was older, he became a genie. It was during his junior year at high school.

Mark Allen Sears was just beginning his junior year of high school at North Primrose High School. And what the young man desperately wished for was a new best friend. It was because he had just forfeited his former best friendship. By the time he left his former high school, they were no longer even on speaking or texting terms.

He saw a young man with hair the color of the purest golden hair, with sky blue eyes looking directly at him. Kevin Allen Holland walked away from his circle of friends and walked towards him. Kevin looked at the youth with hair as dark as the midnight sky, and eyes that were the color of dark blue violets.

"My name is Kevin, what's your name? He asked the teen while putting his right hand on Mark's shoulder.

"My name is Mark, but you can call me Diamond." Mark smiled directly at him.

"In that case, you can call me Ace." Responded Kevin. "Would you like me to show you around?

"Ifen it wouldn't be too much trouble, Ace?" Replied Mark.

"No trouble at all, Diamond," Smiled Ace. Fortunately, the two teens had the exact same home room It was then that Mark aka Diamond made his second wish.

"Wouldn't be nice if I could fly around the room?" Even though he thought it, and did not speak it, his wish was granted. Diamond flew twice around the room, with his classmates and teacher looking at him.

"What kind of a freak are you new kid?"Chided a bully polity.

"What kind of a dog are you?" Responded Diamond.

Faster than a New York minute, the bully became a bull dog!

"Diamond, look at me!" Shouted Ace. "Ethan may be a bully, but even he can't stay a bull dog!"

Mark aka Diamond looked at the bull dog and fainted; thus causing the bull dog to lick his face until he opened up his eyes.

Then he pictured in his mind, the bull dog changing back into himself once more. But Ethan never threated Diamond ever again, or called him a freak of nature.

"I'm sorry, Ethan, I guess from now on I'm gonna have to be careful what I wish for! Yeah gotta believe me! I don't know how I got to be this way in the first place!" Exclaimed Diamond.

"Mr. Peters, what's gonna happen to Diamond, now?"Asked Ace. If the authorities find out about him, they'll use him a a human guinea pig!"Shouted Ace.

"Ace, maybe I'd better surrender myself! I

I really don't want anything bad to happen to the rest of you!" Remarked Mark aka Diamond.

"That won't be necessary, Mark just from now on, be careful what you wish for! I could not live with myself, Mark if anything bad should happen to you!" Answered Mr Peters their home room teacher. "That goes for the rest of you! Whatever just happened in my homeroom, remains in my home room! If anything bad happens to the new kid, it will be on your door steps, but not mine! Admonished Mr. Peters.

Ace walked up to Diamond and threw his arms around him.

"Kevin, take good care of Mark, he's very special." Smiled Mr Peters. Ace walked Diamond to his next class, before he went to his journalism classes.

Kevin knew he had an exclusive expose on his new friend, Mark. As a journalist, he believed in the public's right to know the truth. But he drew the line when it came to completely ruining the life of his new friend. He knew in his heart, he could not live with himself.

As for Mark he walked around in a complete daze. His teacher had to mention his name three times, before he responded. When he was younger, he thought it would be nice to have whatever he wished for. But now that his dreams had become a harsh reality, was he any better off then he was before?

Ace was there when his class had ended. "Diamond, are you gonna be alright? Next period we have PE! I think it would be a good idea ifen we walked to the gym together." Suggested Kevin Allen Holland aka Ace.

"Diamond! Come into my office now!" Shouted Coach Ethan Everest. "So you're the new kid in town? How long have you been a genie?"

Coach, you better leave Diamond alone. I know from personal experience!"Shouted Ethan. "He turned me into a bull dog and back again in our home room class!"

"Get outta here, Ethan this is strictly between Diamond and me!" Shouted their coach.

"So yeah really turned the bully, Ethan into a bull dog!" Shouted their coach once more. "You call yourself, Diamond! That must be your genie name! What are yeah gonna turn me into a laughing hyena?"

" Let it be according to your wish! Replied Diamond.

Diamond turned their coach into a laughing hyena.

Diamond! My name is Jeff Aaron Clark! But you can call me, Pilot. Don't worry, I'm a friend of Ace! But Diamond, you gotta turn coach back again!" Yelled the Piolet. Piolet put his arms around Diamond and held him tight. He reassured him he was going to be alright, and that he had friends who really cared about him.

" Thanks! Piolet, I really needed that. And let it be according to your wish!" Diamond turned their startled coach back into himself.

Coach Ethan looked at Diamond into his eyes and said,"What just happened to me, Diamond, I brought upon myself. Don't worry! You are not to blame for my acting like a total jerk! And its not your fault, kid that you are some kind of a genie!"

Diamond put his arms around the coach and held him tight. Their entire gym class never had to change into their PE uniforms.

"Diamond! Do you really want to know what we wish for genie? That you would disappear in a puff of blue smoke, and go back your fellow genies. Because that is where you really belong instead of masquerading as a human! His gym mates taunted him.

"Diamond, no don't do it genie!" Shouted Rick Adam Nelson aka The Commando. He held Diamond tightly in his strong arms and comforted him.

"Believe it or not, Diamond, you have more friends than you realize!" But Rick was too late!

Diamond did disappear in a puff of dark violet blue smoke. But because of the Commando, Rick Nelson, Diamond reappeared into a puff of dark violet blue smoke! And than was transformed back into himself! Their coach and their entire gym class was astonished to discover that Diamond was indeed a genie.

Their coach went into a bar and got loaded and some Los Vegas strong armed men abducted him. It was because they decided to call in his long overdue marker!

"Listen I ain't got your money! But I have something much more valuable to tell yo'all! There's this kid in my gym class, and he calls himself, Diamond! But I'm telling yeah he ain't no normal high school junior! He's a real live genie!

He turned me into a laughing hyena and a bully into a bull dog! He disappeared in a dark violet blue smoke, and reappeared the same way! He finally became himself again!" Cried the coach desperately. All yeah gotta do is wish for anything! And Diamond has no choice but to grant your wish! But first yeah gotta find Diamond an antique bottle with a lid on it, to keep him captive until yeah need him! Give the bottle to me, and I will guarantee he'll enter into his new home."

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

November 21, 2020

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