What Princess Fauna Really Needs Is Her Own Hero!

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


I wanted to create a Sonlight Kingdom that would be a earthly paradise!

Imprisoned in a malevolent high tower, was poor princess Fauna! Our despaired young and beautiful maiden was been held prisoner by some fierce and fiery dragoons! What else was the poor young maiden to do, but to weep and to pray for her own deliverance! In her dreams, she would see a brave and noble young, and handsome young knight, in shinning Sterling silver armor. Her rescuer would be brave, courageous and bold!

"Hark! Alas! What loud and thundering sound of hoof-beats that assailth mine ear drums? She pleaded. "For behold Thine handmaiden hast heard the blessed arrival of mine deliver!"

There was indeed the answer to her desperate pleas; for riding as free and as fast as the wind itself, was her deliver. Whenever his pure white and powerful noble steed reared itself on its hind legs, the skies would resound with the sound of mighty thunder.

Alas the name of the mighty steed was appropriately named, "Silver!" He was clad in Sterling silver armor that shined in the sun. Over his noble crown was a beautiful rainbow. Whenever, he lifted his swords to God Almighty's heavens, his purest silver sword would be struck by lightening bolts. Her hero aimed all of those lightening bolts directly at the fire breathing dragoons!

And then he proceeded to run his purest sword directly into the sin stained hearts of all of those Stantic fire breathing dragoons. Sending them back to the fiery bottomless pits of hell fire and brimstone; as presents to the very nefarious and diabolical Devil himself! Unlike Princess Rapunzel, Princess Fauna had natural golden long hair. Her hair possed no magical healing powers, but nonetheless, was just as sturdy and strong as Rapunzel.

Rapunzel was rescued by a thief and a fugitive from justice. Whereas, Fauna was rescued by a noble knight in sterling silver armor centuries earlier.

"Alas fair and beautiful young princess, behold thine deliver hast come forthwith to rescue thee. Please pray, thine man servant be granted the highest privileges! Princess Fauna, "let down thine hair, so that I might climb-th thine golden stairs."

"Please, I pray that ye mighty not beith in distress! Behold I will letith down mine golden stairs, so that thee might climb them and rescue me from the highest tower throughout all of the kingdom."

Princess Fauna Fairweather lets down her golden stairs and her brave white knight ascends them. Together, they climb down her golden locks, and he carries her aboard the winged white stallion, "Silver." They ride into his beloved Sonlight Kingdom.

Where the rest of the horses, suddenly wear white wings thus enabling them to ascend to God Almighty's cloudy heavens. Instantaneously, the entire populace of the Sonlight kingdom, are clad in white linen robs of righteousness. Likewise they instantly also begin to also posses white wings.

Upon their forehead are white stones which no man nor maid might know the meaning of their newly bestowed holy names. Except for God Almighty, Creator of the heavens and the earth. Angelic beings freely fly to and and from heaven into the Sonlight Kingdom. God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Ghost are frequent visitors to their Sonlight Kingdom on earth below.

Henceforth in the Sonlight Kingdom, of twenty-four hours of worship and praise to their Lord God Almighty, Creator of the heavens above and the earth below. Their streets were paved with the purest gold, and their inhabitant ions were made out of the finest jewels and precious gem stones! Neither any unclean man nor unclean beast was allowed into the Sonlight Kingdom.

Unless they first were willing to immerse themselves into the purifying Sea of Tranquility and Purity. Than the men, women, boys, and girls were to purify their hearts, spirits and souls. They were to become born again and to become new creations in their beloved Lord and Saviors. All of them were to undergo baptism into the Sea of Tranquility, and to take oaths of allegiance to God.

Likewise they were to take oaths of allegiance, in the name of God, to the Sonlight Kingdom. Finally, they were to renounce any previous allegiances they may have made. It was only than they were fit to become joint citizens of heaven and the Son light Kingdom. The Sonlight Kingdom had cities of sancutary where the innocent slayers of both man and beast could reside. Likewise, their pure golden and pearly gates were open, to all men and beasts needing sancutary.

Their people did not eat the flesh of beats, nor did the beasts eat the flesh of men. Neither, did the beats eat the flesh of each other. Because both men and beats were pure vegan. This general rule of thumb also applied to the birds of the air, the sea, and the ground. In essence, it applied to all living creatures of the Sonlight Kingdom!

Both mankind, beats and all living creatures in the Sonlight Kingdom were perfectly domesticated. Their men and women mated permanently, and their beats also mated permanently. When their offspring were conceived, they were born with no sin nature! Their females were fruitful veins, and childbirth had no curse attached to it! Abortions, miscarriages, deaths and birth defects were never even hear of! Henceforth there existed no pain in natural childbirth! There was no impotence existing in the Sonlight Kingdom!

Satan, his fallen angels, and his demons and his lost human souls, were kept at bay! He was no match for the Holy Trinity, nor their angels nor the Sonlight Kingdom. Hence he was truly a defeated and powerless foe!

Hence the Sonlight Kingdom became Paradise on earth, and there was no Angel of Death in residence there! They lived much longer than 1,000 years because death had no sting, and grave had no victory! Because neither one of them existed in the Sonlight Kingdom! Henceforth, there was no old age allowed among its inhabitants, at all!

Love in Christ Jesus!

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

November 13-14, 2020

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