Love Story

by Aoife

Love isn't one of those magic fairytales that Disney stories make it out to be. There are ups and downs along with the laughs and the tears. You see when you think that everything is perfect and nothing can go wrong, someone always finds that small flaw that throws everything out of balance. Through hatred to love, emotions are unbearable, you think you hate someone but within the blink of an eye your falling in love with them. Life isn't planned out for you. Nothing is simple. To find out what you want you have to go looking for it, no matter what the price. It's the risks we take for love that make us feel so pure, so complete, no one can take that away from you, but sometimes reality pulls you back down to what really is happening and your world falls apart. The world isn't a simple place; you will always have to swerve those bumps on the road but with the support you need, you know you'll make it, but sometimes the people who you think care the most, forget about their hearts and follow their pride. The pride that creates conflict so great that it causes pain so hurtful that it destroys lives forever.

Against the odds, love can make it through many things, yes it's difficult and maybe in doing so you lose someone else but you don't really care as long as you're with that "One" person. Your stupidity and selfishness means nothing to you but just creates a smile on your face as the dangers you faced are worth it. But when your love becomes in jeopardy, you have to do what is right, maybe that's standing up to someone who hates the thought of two people being together, or defending your right to follow your own decisions and your heart. That maybe the one person who you thought would always be there and never judge pushes you to the limit and forces you into the impossible. Impossible because you physically can't do it and eternally your heart is breaking at the mere thought of it. To find out that the One person who understands you is in danger, it feels like your whole life has stopped. Your lungs become of no air and your heart shatters into pieces. To think for one moment that they are gone makes you want to cry until doing so is completely impossible.

The emotions that pass through is like a hurricane knocking everything inside of you and within reach of you that million more miles away. You will do whatever it takes to be with them. They are your life. But life always has it's tricks, always that hidden secret that is so vital but so small that it tears two peoples lives apart. Cruel intentions of the Devil that throw lives away and makes living unforgivable. But to see the suffering endured for you makes you think of how much you love someone and how easily it is for your life to be that mess it was before you found your heart. The pain will last forever at the loss of the one you love, your heart died with them. People say you'll get over it but we all know it's more difficult than that, you need them. So with your honest intentions you go to where they are, where they are waiting with open arms. Together where nobody can judge and can hurt either of you anymore. You can look down on the people who treated each other so badly that nothing could help them bear on what their conflict had enforced. But with your selfish deed to be with the one you love, it helped realise the true meaning of love. Should they ever know the story that caused the truth? That your love helped the truce between old enemies; but it's too late. If you had have told them that love conquered all, what would they have done? They hated each other and with their own hate there comes a price. So you see love is a hateful thing, sometimes it's a blessing and all you want is it but when push comes to shove, it hurts, nobody can hide the facts of this. But you and that person are together, doesn't matter if it's on this side of life or the next, people will be able to look back on that memory, on that statue and even on the imprint it's left in their hearts, and say, they were in love.

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