I'm Already Over the 21st Century...

by Adventure Wynn

I have a dream to someday lead a group into the wilderness. What if someday we get enough of it all to take to the ocean? We all become nomads... yachtsmen? We could be like a waterborn "Easy Rider" or our own version of "On The Road" if we choose, for a fraction of what it costs the conventional way. Plus as a bonus, there would be a lot less illegal about that lifestyle on the high seas.

We could just circle the globe as a group or disperse at the four corners and regroup in whatever hemisphere whenever we choose. What lifestyle could be more natural? The walls of our prison would be much reduced.

Far out at sea, night and day would naturally realign. You would once again triangulate to the constellations. Something that passes through you would reset. Some prehistoric Circadian rhythm would recalibrate.

The life of a roving yachtsman might be the freest life on earth. Freedom not only from day to day politics but most communications in general. The internet would become an albatross around your neck, an anchor you would long to cast off. Imagine a generation raised internationally on the ocean? Where you only pledge allegiance to the boat? The last great refuge from the Industrial Matrix. I suspect the miasma of modernity does not drift very far off shore.

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