Agitprop Memes

by Adventure Wynn

(About a popular meme of some appalachians going around)

I've been thinking too much about this particular image maybe. Today's my day off so... This dudes Swastika is fake obviously. And I'm seriously doubting he got a giant head of a terrier tattooed next to it?! The guy next to him in the Trump gear could easily be faked too.

These guys look like people I grew up around in SE Ohio. What if he's the nicest guy in the world? Most big guys I've met are pretty jovial. I know what that guys laugh sounds like from experience. It's that dude in the yellow shirt you gotta watch out for. I can tell that dudes a snake for sure.

This reminds me of the image of "Sambo". It seems like this is a master class in "Agitprop". Take a preexisting bias and turn it up to 11. We unnaturally shame the fat dude even though he's obviously proud of what he's amassed.

The complete image didn't exactly look anymore real to me. What if these people don't even know each other? There just stereotypical enough to make this believable? In the image is a lady with a photo shopped phrase inviting Trump to grab her by the pussy. It's the most fake looking part but what if that was your Aunts image this Agitprop meme used? It seems like the only real part connected to this image is the viewers reaction to it. It's 100% negative for sure.

Also in the larger image are rebel flags. They don't look exactly original to the image either. One flag has some poorly obscured graffiti on it.

But like I said I kind of know these guys. I'd guess that photos somewhere in Appalachia. That's a coal mining town with an opioid epidemic. Those folks have always been abandoned to their fate and so maybe they clench a little too tightly to flags but wtf else have they been left? Maybe if we could help give them something else to cling to. Hope comes from the future. People who cling to these flags are dwelling on the past because they have no hope for the future. This country needs way more empathy and this doctored image is robbing us of that.

Most people would never think to question why they are being led into having that reaction. It becomes more obvious to me specifically when I see my otherwise mild mannered friends degenerate into some strange reaction I didn't even know existed in them. Most would assume it's for entertainment. Think of that fact alone, that reaction is what's being sold as entertainment today? The purpose may be beyond the viewers awareness in most cases.

There has never been anything like this level of manipulation in history. We are used to focusing all of our attention on what's happening around us we take it for granted we know what's happening inside, behind our eyes. I'm convinced most people don't focus on that part of reality. Most the time it's a phony as this Swastika.

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