The Importance of Managing Dissonance

by Adventure Wynn

I've worked with young people last summer in Wyoming. I got along with everyone. I worked with young people in Alaska... Got along with everyone again. When I say that I mean, I actually enjoyed their company.

I can't say that about half the young people here. 2 months into this and I haven't even learned my coworkers names. There just moron 1-10. Their such a depressing lot. Nothing interesting to say but never shutting up.

I mean if I'm walking down the street and a random homeless guy 3 times my age says, "Hey kid you want some advice?" I'd be all ears. Not these shallow puddles of adolescents. I'm reminded of an extraordinarily slow witted nephew. Once me and Mom was talking about how surprisingly immature this kid was and I made the comment, as I try to always do," Well, I guess I was just like that at that age." That particular time Mom said, "The hell you were! I'd have knocked you in the God damn head if you acted like that!" So as I try to get through my day and make excuses for these immature morons I am constantly reminded of my Mother's wisdom.

The horrifying thing is one of these kids is 27! He is a skateboarder from Florida who smokes dope and plays video games. He's another man/child with the hobbies of a 12 year old. That sums up everything about this kids personality and his ability to communicate... his take on professionalism. My favorite quote from Emerson sums up a 19 year old as perfectly as Donald Trump, "The foolish have no range in their scale, but suppose every man is as every other man." If every man is the same, why would you listen to advice?

I see why so many older seasonal workers are alcoholics. When I'm driven, I write. I've learned to clear the dissonance linearly and move on. When that dissonance forms a circular pattern is when you self destruct, that's when I self destruct. Remember, Dissonance expressed linearly is a creative force but when it's repressed in a circular pattern it eventually destroys the vessel it's trapped in. Just more advice that will never be heard.

I mean I watched this kid ask me if 10 orders of 5 scallops was 50 scallops and go on to make like 250 scallops. After he made 100 scallops I pointed out we only had 113 guests hoping that would trigger something in his walnut but he couldn't hear me passed his headphones. Which is a whole other problem I previously mentioned to the line boss but because of his own hurdles can't agree with anyone on anything ever!

I gave up repeating anything weeks ago to reach these kids. I lack the skills to get a point across no matter how many times I repeat it. This dipshits day snowballed from there. At one point he sat a plastic bucket on a red hot blackening skillet?! And on and on and on.

I spent the first month trying to mentor this moron but after being told "I know." Every time as an answer I gave up. It's like talking to my brother all over again. The other end of the work area is another teen with ear buds, conducting phone calls and selling a car or something. Every time I walk by I hear, "Can you do me a favor?" I want to give the advice, "Just do it like I'd do it... BY MYSELF!" I have plenty of reason to despise this group of young people... Too many to list here. Other than this, I love this fucking job! 🤔

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