Just Imagine

by MaybeDeadCats

Imagine sitting here in a soft chair, quite comfortable to be 'relaxing' but not so much that you'll fall asleep. You are leaning on a green laminated particle board twice processed table. You've been here for a while. You wait for the accented drawl of the guest social media marketing specialist to end like a root canal. You hate these marketing reps more than you hate your job.

Imagine you're a guy. Imagine there is a pretty girl watching this same thing in this same room. Long high heeled legs, blue jeans, and a nice enough shirt to pass for business casual among a bunch of old overweight men. Nobody questioned the blue jeans. Between the smile, the eyes, and the laugh she could have worn shorts and nobody would have blinked. The laugh sealed it. A laugh like a woman about to sprout her hidden wings and fly home.

She giggled a lot in the theater but we had a good time. We quit our jobs and moved into a secluded beach in Mauritius. We drove and lived on the sunny terrain. We started a business, Waterboards and More. Our life was beautiful. She was perfect. She was everything I ever dreamed of in a girl.

She meditates in the morning and chants by moonlight, uttering syllables so beautiful, they sound made-up, like smoky quartz swirls of strawberry-scented stardust. And you keep gazing at her infallible beauty.

Stop imagining. The presentation is over. We stand. We walk down the stairs.

"Excuse me," I say, "Would you like to see a movie?

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