Voters Regret Yet?

by Adventure Wynn

The United States is in an economic recession, millions and millions out of work and Trump is preparing to escalate a trade war with Chyna that he has made no preparation to win, 1000s are in the streets protesting, a pandemic is running wild killing at least 225,000 and teachers are about to walk out.

All the while comet Neowise is lighting up the night sky like a 12th century omen and even the river bank has eroded the foundation of Trumps glorious wall....

America has never been weaker. We couldn't win a war right now if we had too and if our sworn enemies don't attack its their negligence and "Forever Trumpers" blame the ghost of Fidel Castro?! WOW!!!!... Kudos to Fidel (Nunca dudé de ti)

I look to 6 months from now when the entire world has the US on lock down that Trump will fulfill his destiny as I saw it 3.5 years ago, by losing all of the US's overseas possessions and so critically wounding the US that it is forced to withdraw, like the schoolyard bully who just got his ass kicked and do some soul searching.

I suspect like Nazi Germany we will be reeducated into the world of men but the price may be a generation of our youth. No doubt we will erect tin pot statues to our fallen, that can be pulled down in a hundred years as the current generation that waves the flag of the lost cause dies out.

And the Democrats are sheep?! You few Trump supporters that I still respect better pull your head out of the feed bag and look around. I haven't given up on you...

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