A Mask

by Adventure Wynn

If a person isn't willing to make the sacrifice, and I use that word very loosely, to wear a mask in the off chance it helps their country, what would they be willing to do for their country? They only want what their country can do for them.

This reminds me of Independence Day in Chile. On September 18th every home is expected to fly the flag or the Carabineros can ticket you. That seemed extreme to me, my American sense of individual freedom was offended and I asked Ana basically wtf is that about? She answered if a house cant be troubled to put a flag out then they are rightly viewed as loafers. And thats what I'm saying people who wont wear masks are... they're fuckin loafers that need to be treated more as parasites than citizens.

Again it reminds me of the quote, "I've seen the freest among you wear your freedom as a yoke and harness..." The yoke and harness is securely on the country right now and it being driven deeper and deeper into this virus by these slaves to their freedom. Beasts of Burden are dragging the country along... the burden is freedom, and the beast are our misguided neighbors who value themselves above all else.

Idk if masks help. I don't even care. I just want to be an encouraging motivating force instead of a loafer. Who the fuck are these self center wimps that clutch their pearls every time you mention wearing a mask? What a display of mental weakness to draw your idea of patriotism, not from the turbulent history of the sacrifices of our fathers and Mothers but from some unknown source of memes on the Internet?!

Some Americans don't look any farther than the end of their driveway for their realm of concern and this is the problem as I see it. I've noticed this seems to be a difference in political parties too. The similarities outweigh the differences by far but in this aspect of appealing to the mindset of a community or a private property line that seems to me to be where the parties break.

The "Don't Tread on Me but Fuck You" mentality. Every time I hear a right winger profess something I tag a "...but fuck you" on the end of it to complete their thought for them. Because it seems like the majority of the outspoken ones are only concerned with the rights that apply within their own realm of concern, their own mental property lines.

These people of such weak minds are the ones that are obviously the biggest threat to the US. It sounds fascist as hell but these loafers need to be brought in line. This virus is bigger than anything that they have been told to be offended by.

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