The Mob Intellect of Today

by Adventure Wynn

I get an uneasy feeling about the mob intellect when it comes to judging history.

If Woodrow Wilson, a good man who had a bad trait was irredeemable could you flip that around to view others in history? Could Benedict Arnold have redeemed himself like John McCain or Ted Kennedy if he was given the chance? He was the greatest general on either side during the Revolutionary War. Arguably suffered and sacrificed more for this country than either one of those two. He was Washington's go to guy. I had sympathy for him when I read what he sacrificed but at the time he was the blackest traitor on earth. I don't think you can even say his name at West Point anymore.

If we are going to tear down monuments to fallible heroes, why not revisit people that American History has blackened? If we doubt what American history teaches is good why not question what it teaches is bad? Why not reinterpret Pancho Villa under this new enlightened mind of today? He was called the George Washington of Mexico by an American general after all... But not because he owned slaves, because he was a great leader and was only motivated by the welfare of his people

Which is exactly why the US double crossed him.

If American history is such a poor judge of character maybe we should use this time to reevaluate Fidel Castro or Yassar Arafat's contribution? In the new enlightenment will we consider raising statues to those the American government fucked over? If we did that I would be all on board destroying Jackson Square in New Orleans and burning Monticello to the ground.

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