What the Industrial Matrix Expects

by Adventure Wynn

With 5% of the world population, the US not only has 25% of coronavirus cases, it has 25% of the world's prison population. You know I blame life in the industrial matrix for that, where fueling the economy is the only real value of your life...

No matter what your position in the US, there's an industry tailored to use you for profit...that's the matrix, the interconnecting industries you are force by law into from birth to death. I identify four main categories... Education, Housing, Health care, and Prison. To be a productive American you will spend your life supporting at least the first three and for everyone else, there's the fourth industry.

There are easily other Industries...your ignorance is arguably the most profitable industry on earth. How else can the Military/Industrial complex wage war on the 3rd world without your ignorance to Eisenhower's warning?

He warned, "...we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources, and livelihood are all involved. So is the very structure of our society."

Between 2004-2009 the Pentagon racked up $3 TRILLION. The Pentagon Budget for 2020 alone is 700 Billion!!! That's $2,333 extracted from every man,woman and child.

From birth the conditioning for life in the Matrix begins. Basically from 20 to 40yrs of age you are expected to support the Education Industry. Average cost of 4 years at a private school is $188,000.

Once you pay your debt to them...theres never a moment you have extra money, from 40-60 you are conditioned to support the Housing Industry. Average cost here is $277,000.

Then at 60-80 like a spent fuel rod you become a concern to the health care industry, even though you know its mandated that you prop the health care industry up your whole life. This cost averages $377,000. God forbid you don't get severely sick a few times.

All together the American economy/Industrial Matrix puts an average value of $842,000 on your existence. If you can contribute more you will. But that's at least $10,525 a year you are expected to contribute in order to be considered productive and useful in the "Land of the Free".

Someday it may be law that you pay into an education and housing insurance fund just like health care. Maybe it would be a good idea to pay into an automotive fund so Detroit don't go bankrupt again, mandate you buy an American auto every 5 years whether you need it or not? What other industries can we prop up with insurance payments? Obviously we cant have access to an affordable life ...that sounds like socialism.

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