Pixie Dust Cleaning Services/ a Magical New Beginning

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The ending of one story, is the beginning of a newer and magical one.

Pearl Winslow died with 'Leesa' at her bedside. Fauna was also present, but she was invisible to the naked human eye. Her nurse and her home care workers had left earlier. They both had to fill out the necessary paper work. Pearl's family was well off and they were unusual. They were satisfied with the transfer of stocks and bonds. She had an annuity account and and a IRA. She assigned her benefits to her family. Additionally she had three pensions from her marriages. Her Social Security check would return to the Social Securtiy's fund.

Pearl had survived three husbands, who made sure. She and her family were well provided for. She had several large amounts of cash from various lottery winnings. A portion of them were earmarked for her favorite non profit organizations. She left cash payments to her nurse, home care workers, and loved ones.

She left the house she was residing in to 'Leesa' and her husband Frank. There was no mortgages, or other liens on her property. Pearl Winslow's residence was debt free! Pearl had a lawyer and also a trustworthy financial advisor. Appointed by her latest deceased husband, Frank Winslow." Frank and Leesa decided to lease their former house to their nephew and his live in girl friend. Since they now had their own home, Don and Ronda. Decided they would finally get married! They would realize their life time dreams by becoming foster parents to younger children.

'Leesa's' husband Frank decided to leave his job at Computer Tech. Several times he had been bypassed for promotion because of nepotist. They promoted friends and family over him. His exit deal included not working for Computer Tech again. It also Included working for their affiliates, and their competitors. He was prevented from starting his own small computerized business. Frank signed on the dotted line and received an excellent exit packaged deal.

'Leesa' sold her lucrative "Pixie dust office and home cleaning services." To her best friend, Janet Goodman. Janet had recently been laid off from her job because of her company's down sizing policy. They had a made a merger with a larger company. And her middle management position was considered non essential.


'Leesa' introduced her husband Frank to Fauna. Frank had never seen a real live fairy before. Fauna told her newly found human friends. Rainbow winged and butterfly fairies. Needed a sanctuary off of their uncharted invisible islands.

Golden, silver and multi-colored winged fairies did also. Including regular pixies. There were fairy godmothers such as Diamonds in the Sky. There were genies such as Jasmine. There were mermaids and mermen. Not to mention Elves and leprechauns. Santa and Mrs Martha Claus. Their family and elves needed another place south of the North Polar region. Besides their own invisible uncharted island. Pearl Winslow's house. Was actually an hidden estate located in a secluded place.

When it became magical, it also became invisible. There were plenty of watery estuaries for the meripeople to be satisfied. Genies could fly their magic carpets with passengers. Nature fairies would be responsible for the upkeep of the walled, green house and abundant natural gardens. Inside and outside of their estate. There were several buildings where Santa Claus and his crew could establish a working/vacation shops. The elves would be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the property.

As would the leprechauns and working class fairies. The airfield and small craft planes, charter planes and helicopters. Were used by all the inhabitants. There was a place for hangliding and parachute jumping. There was an estate carnival with rides and exhibits. Including ferris wheels, rollercosters, bumper cars, and marygo rounds for example. There was a race track for magical cars and winged horses etc.

Their cars were solar powered flying and driver less. More sophisticated than the time machine traveling car used in the Back to the Future 1980's movies. But they were incapable of time travel. Able to travel on land, sea and under the sea and air. Being more sophisticated than the bat mobile, and black beauty. And even than the Knight Industry's Two Thousand's computerized black t toped car. Also known as KIT Batman and Robin, the Green Hornet and Kato. Michael Knight, Devon, Pamela and friends. Would be likewise impressed.

There were charioteer races. And festivals, and parades/ fireworks. There was a miniatured train station used by all of the residents. Surrounding their magical kingdom. There was a miniature golf course, and croquette field. Polo was one of the sponsored sports of the land.

It was all done by magical means. Genies would transform the entire estate into an earthly natural paradise on earth. The genies would only use their bottles for sleeping and for privacy purposes. They were free born existing without masters or mistresses!

The percutaneous would not have to worry about humans stealing their pots of gold. Neither need they fear unscrupulous leprechauns or fairies. They were forbidden from their sanctuary. Fairies and leprechauns did not feud on their islands paradise. Those who did were dealt with accordingly. It was also a sanctuary for humans.

They also housed some unwanted humans. They were not to treat each other as either slaves nor unpaid servants. Don and Rhonda sold their new home. They moved in with Frank and Leesa. Their uncle and aunt. Janet Goodman sold her cleaning service and moved in. Fauna was the butterfly fairy assigned to Leesa. Fontaine, a male fairy was assigned to Frank. Assignments were based upon genders.

The watery estuaries were reserved exclusively for the meirpeope. They would also enjoy the swimming pools using their land legs.The indoor and outdoor swimming pools were enjoyed by all of the residences. The pools never needed cleaning. Their water temperatures were neither too hot not too cold. They were just right.

They kept the indoor skating rinks. But did not keep the tennis courts. Neither did they keep the golf course. There was a country club on the estate. They decided to keep and maintain it. But it was also closed to members of the general public. The golf course housed unwanted humans. They were forbidden to leave the special hidden estate. They were to maintain no contact with the outside world. It was transformed into a magical fairy land wonder.

Special people such as Hans Christian Anderson, Lawrence Welk, and Walt Disney would be astonished at the newest paradise on earth. All of their human occupants were transformed into winged people. They also had their very own magical fairy godmother's wands. No longer requiring any further assistance. Unless of course they desire to also be using. Their assigned fairy tale creatures.

Useful for companionship and training purposes. Including its original human occupants Frank, Leesa, Don, Rhonda and Janet. Their estate was invisible to the naked human eyes. Also it was undetected by human surveillance. There were movie theaters, and large screened television sets. There were no computers, nor cell phones. Contact with the outside world was forbidden.

Except for Santa Claus and crew. Screened programs existed for television and video games. There were plays among them was "fairy tale theaters.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

June 19, 2020

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