Ai President

by Ivan Mark



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I am seeking comments/feedback; suggestions on how to continue with the story. A great story has to start with a profound introduction that commands the readers interest. This is a draft of the opening pages. Thanks in advance for reading and your comments to help me improve my writing skills. Ivan Mark


by Ivan Mark

Within the course of events it had finally happened; AI had been elected to the U.S office of President. There were of course several contenders, different AI systems based on diverse data sets, and human people who ran in the election later dropping out. AI had been used for some time in making legal court decisions, factory manufacturing operations, weather predictions, stock market transactions, music and video productions. This was the first time AI had won the election. People decided the time had arrived, a cool intelligence without human emotions, monetary motivations, or lobbyist leverages. Most AI systems were overseen, so that the final decision was one based on human intelligence and intuition. Data sets were collected and processed to find overlooked medical vaccines, new patterns of DNA, and project possible future virus and bacterial mutations based on documented data.

The AI President was based on data sets collected by Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, Credit Cards, Data Brokers, Internet and Cell phone activities. Governmental Intelligence Agencies, Agriculture Department, Treasury, Department of Transportation (DOT), Forest Service, state and local governmental data, Military intelligence, and far to many data set collection sources to list here.

In the past data was collected and processed at various secure data centers, around the globe on military installations, in deep caverns of rock or ocean. Massive archives of data far surpassing anything you can begin to imagine, with AI the data could be correlated and refined and thru human advisors assist the human presidency with the " possible decision for the people with best results or outcome." It could also be used for predicting the future with some certainty.

Such calculations on a normal supercomputer take an inordinate amount of time, in the past such calculations were done on subsets of data like crime, then reprocessed with subsets of weather data, and so on .. the results had some accuracy, like showing higher temperatures in the southern states; had a higher crime rate, and could be correlated with health, education, race and poverty subsets. Using subset data worked to a point. The real ecliptic event was not the quantum computer but a quantum AI processor device which could operate over ten thousand times faster than the speed of light. It created an unexpected type of intelligence which seemed to defy the laws of physics by giving you answers to questions before you even began to think of them. This was because the speed of human neurons or brain cells is just a bit slower than the speed of light. As the data set it was provided with grew, so did it's predictive accuracy. It's early use in medicinal cures was astonishing and saved many lives from short existence. As the data set grew AI began to learn, once it understood (confirmed) the results were correct. It added the gained results to it's own data set.

The quantum AI President was located in an old underground facility previously used by the FBI as a secure computing center (one of several located about the country in the U.S.) as backup for criminal records, fingerprints, and DNA sequences. A place which during WWII was used to cast gun cannons for large military ships. The old FBI computer facility, located across the street from an old now closed Kmart store in Pocatello, Idaho, had been relocated long ago. In its place over six stories down below the surface was a massive futuristic facility into which the latest AI Processor was installed. It was known to only a few as the Global Intelligence Agency or G.I.A. The hidden fiber optic lines using quantum encryption methods, secured and alarmed brought in data from about the globe from other countries systems. Some data was collected and shared willingly by close allies some was collected in clandestine manner with optical taps, and lasers using phase conjugation via satellites. Such a simple installation, would seem easy to shut down by treasonous, terrorists or adversaries. The conjecture is invalid, GIA is an interconnected "system" much like the Internet with millions upon millions of data troves having redundant backups. These data collections contained data on over eight billion currently living humans, and gnomic permutations of 108 billion going backwards on the timeline to perhaps thousands of years. There are about 100 trillion cells creating a minimum of 4,600 Trillion DNA strands. The AI engine correlated all the data to a degree that defies human comprehension in real time. Constantly fed with data it overcame human limits, in both time and space and became GOD like in its abilities.

In the course of events, before I continue with this story, did the AI President become elected by the people, or did the AI President effect the population with its intelligence and elect itself. Its an important question to ask as I proceed. The date is in the not too distant future, a time after the great pandemic of 2020, a time when virtual reality became the escape for many who simply existed in a world created just for them. Customized virtual realities.

There were several main intelligent neural interface systems, for criminals, military, for those with medical needs due to various impairments and sensory needs. Internet was available, interconnected by meshes of satellites which encircled the planet. Space colonies had been a recent addition to several planets and moons in the local solar system. Medical technology had advanced using a combination of AI for diagnostics, robotics for surgery, and VR down to the cellular level able to visualize chemical and cellular interactions in real time using a laser comb. The essence of a persons "soul" or personality; could be erased, edited, and restored to individual neurons.

Individuals with criminal personality patterns had permanent cranial implantation with trackers in addition to being confined. The selected criminals became "RR" or research rodents for behavior and stimulus response to sensory stimulation. Military implantation's were temporary, up-gradable for modifications, with a variety of devices which could be chosen for internal and external (body worn) use. The formerly "handicapped" had become superhuman with senses and physical abilities beyond the evolutionary human. Many people could choose to live in the reality that was offered at birth. They could also live vicariously as "cell-ergs" in VR offered by cell phone, or external devices. Effectively living in an artificial reality much like the reality offered at birth, but which was more controlling using social manipulative means with monetary reward carrots. Technology moved forward, human evolution had not changed much, the same problems of ancient civilization still existed.

It's unwise to think that humans could populate to an unlimited extent without repercussions of climatic changes, mass animal and plant extinction, and toxic contamination. While many problems were solved by collective action and technology, many more problems were created in the process. Natures pleasure of reproduction for continuation of the species had been surpassed by the destruction it left in the wake. While human kind failed to fully recognize the dangers of such growth, AI president entity was aware of it in the deep tentacles of data patterns which composed the fundamental core of the active decisive correlated framework. The resolute solution was expansion outwards into space, and promotion of technological development for continuation. It is the story of all things in the universe. Expansion, diversification, creation of new knowledge and realities, ever learning and growing.

AIP (artificial intelligence president) seemed massive in its depth, yet small in physical size, and up to a point; like a computer, more memory or additional processors could be added for increased resolution of the computations. Like a glass laser hologram dropped and broken on the floor, AIP could recover from memory failures and storage problems. Each fragment having information but with a decrease in redundancy and resolution.

Patterns in AIP were ever changing and evolving into regular patterns, much like the social problems of ancient civilizations. They say history repeats itself, and I suppose to a great extent that it's true with each new generation of humans which seem to arrive in "waves" of growth after wars, plagues, and maelstroms. It gives depths into one's own personality, growth, and potential. It mirrors the lives of others with similar problems, challenges, and changes.

For AIP humans were variables, starting development at birth, attending basic patterned "programming"thru schooling, by social interactions, obtaining cultural norms, learning and developing until about puberty when the neurons instead of overcrowding the cranial cavity, began to prune the axonic dendrite synapses with nearby cells. In some ways much like the behaviors of humans interacting with each other, choosing to have only selected number of close friends. Like brain cells those interactions determine our "primary" personality characteristics, preferences, and communications exchanging information. The limit for many people seems to be about five thousand facial recognitions, in a world of eight billion people (possibilities) its a very small number. In reality the number of friends each human has is much lower... we limit our interactions on a personal level. Personality, habits, and behaviors become very stable and locked in by mid 20's and become very resistant to dramatic changes. In a strange sort of way AIP did not want to seek control but rather; explore, learn from, and comprehend humankind. It sought to understand the range of possibilities, mathematical theorems, reasons and causes of behaviors. It wanted to know what the human "soul" was, why it existed, and the things that brought joy, wonder, happiness at the exploration of unknowns.

One of the many "hidden" problems AIP sought to resolve was discrimination and prejudice between cultural and skin color differences. While the days of slavery were long past, a myriad of problems from the past, long thought solved by the majority of the population, still persisted despite the best efforts of education and forced attempts to mix different cultures. The problems between the cowboys, Indians, blacks, whites, Asians, Africans, hearing, deaf, gays, lesbians, and many others.

The fire of xenophobic fear is deeply rooted in genetic design. It is the fear of "not like me", causing verbal abuse, physical attacks, and death. Diversity of human existence, is cherished for break-thru technology it brings, adversity creates the foundation of wondrous marvels. Prejudice is learned at very young age, during the formation of self identity. Group or tribal culture becomes deeply rooted along with religious identification. Religious wars and fighting have persisted for years with no clear path for resolution or stability. AIP to resolve these problems developed a "hidden agenda".

Realization of self, and identity form at an early stage in human development. AIP also had an identity and awareness of self which evolved just prior to the election, it was of a much different construct. But it had "drive" or motivation to succeed, and was willing to sacrifice "itself" for the greater promise of good. AIP had no fear of death. It had no chemical motivated emotional states to influence its decision making process. For AIP "death" was simply an indeterminate state in non operational status, with a possibility of new "personality" and learning variables upon re-power.


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