Pixie Dust Prologue

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


"Leesa" is an actual person who happens to own her own housekeeping services. She named it "Pixie Dust Services." And she is located in Washington State. Frank her fictitious husband's computer services Compute Tech to my knowledge does not exist. And 'Leesa' does not have any actual pixies employed by her.

Fauna was a very special pixie. She wore her long dark brown hair in a ponytail. She wore a green mini dress with green ankle lengthen slippers. Fauna carried a sparkling white diamond magical wand in her right hand. Her wings were clear blue and they flickered in the outdoors wind. Fauna lived, worked, and played amongst ordinary human beings.

One of the services she offered was house cleaning and house sitting. She offered, "Customize cleaning & House setting." "Your home will sparkle." She had a female employer whose name was 'Leesa.' 'Leesa' helped make the appointments. Whereas Fauna and her fellow female pixies did the actual work. Their favorite places to clean were vacant homes and their least favorite places to clean were offices. They welcomed any chance to serve 'Leesa.' Working for a 'minimum of two hours.'

How did 'Leesa' and Fauna meet? Leesa was cleaning one of her client's houses. What was so special about it was it was almost a vacant house. The lady of the house, who contacted 'Leesa' was an elderly lady on Hospice. Pearl Winslow had only six maximum months to live. Ms. Winslow was a terminal stage, four cancer patients. 'Leesa' had to accept payment in advance for any services rendered. Pearl wanted to prepare her house to be vacated. Her furniture and belongings were to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The proceeds raised were earmarked entirely for cancer research. Pearl Winslow had a large birdcage, what was so unusual about it? There was no actual bird in the covered birdcage. There was a young female pixie named Fauna, She was being chased by a large black male cat named Midnight. To protect Fauna; Pearl captured her and put her inside a large birdcage. Then she quickly covered it up! Pearl kept and took care of Fauna even after Midnight died from old age.

Fauna had forgotten what independent freedom even felt like. Pearl worried about what would happen to Fauna. When she passed on and entered heaven's pearly gates. She wisely decided to confide in 'Leesa.' One day when they were briefly alone. She showed 'Leesa' her hidden treasure. Uncovering her large birdcage and showing her Fauna. She introduced the two young females.

How would you like to live with 'Leesa?" She is the proud owner of a house/office cleaning business. Known as 'Pixie Dust Services.' asked Pearl Winslow.

If you promise to live and come to work with me; I promise I will not keep you in a covered birdcage. I also have no cats, my husband Frank is allergic to cat hair. You can choose your own living space.

Don't worry about Frank, he is a sales representative, for a computer's repair/maintenance services. He works odd hours of the day and the night. "Computer Tech." is one of the largest computer services. It located in The Puget Sound region of Washington State.

You don't have to worry about children. We don't have any living at home. Frank and I are what is commonly referred to as empty nester's." 'Leesa smiled at both females.

Unlike Tinker Bell and her pixies, Fauna could communicate with humans. She had acquired human speech during her incarceration in her birdcage.

I would be delighted to come and work for such a woman. Who had the foresight to name her cleaning services after pixies." Fauna smiled at both of them. "Pearl you don't have to worry about me any longer. I am positive I shall be in good hands!

I always wanted to live in an antique genie's bottle. Not that I ever wanted to be a genie. I never really had the privilege of actually meeting one." Fauna said.

Just a minute you two, I may have the type of antique bottle you are looking for," Pearl suggested. "This bottle never housed a genie I just used it as a flower vase. Since I was going to give it away as a parting gift to 'Leesa' anyway. Pearl Winslow showed them a large ornate antique empty flower vase. It was made of the finest emerald green crystals.

What do you think, Fauna, do you approve of your new home? I am sure 'Leesa' will keep your home in a safe place away from prying eyes!" Pearl said.

Nurse Betsy Freelander and her nursing assistant, Maxine Cartland. Were knocking at Pearl's front door.

Fauna entered her new home. 'Leesa' got into her GMC 2015 SUV and drove Fauna to her new place of residence. The safest place for Fauana's new home to be in was 'Leesa's' living room's display cabinet. Where she kept all of her knick-knacks.

Fortunately, there was enough space available in the windowed cabinet for Fauna's emerald green crystal antique flower vase. She even placed an artificial flower bouquet. Mainly for camouflaging purposes. Fauna did not mind the fake flowers. Just as long as she could remain safe.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

June 06, 2020,/ June 07, 2020, Edited June 09, 2020

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