2 Ways to Reform Law Enforcement

by Adventure Wynn

Sensitivity training will never reform law enforcement. Períod. So drop it.

These are 2 options to revolutionize and reform law enforcement.

No system is perfect, accept that. But if private education and private health care produce a better product why not private law enforcement too? That's one option at reform to consider.

Just like public and private options in education and health care exist throughout the world side by side, why can a public and private law enforcement option exist.

A cheaper public option for small towns while larger cities that can afford a costlier service can pay for private security, just like private schools and private doctors. The free market could provide a better product in all three cases.

Private law enforcement could consolidate departments and jurisdictions. Reducing the almost 18,000 departments in the US creating a more efficient and responsive system.

Thats one option at reform to consider.

Another option is to do away with revenue raising law enforcement. Stop ticketing people for petty offenses. It would cut down on 90% of interactions with the police and it would decrease prison populations by 90% probably. Society would not dissolve into anarchy because someone drop a deuce on the side walk.

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