Days of the Quarantine

by Adventure Wynn

Day 1 Quillón Chile

We slipped into Quillón under the cover of night. Ana swears the military is out at the pay tolls turning people back who don't live here, but word has went around that they abandon their posts in the early morning.

Andrés had me hide my van around the side of the house because he said they periodically drive by looking to make sure no one is renting cabanas to out-of-towners. Like most places here thats a local occupation, that and farming. Given the extent of the virus in the US im not sure how they feel about gringos right now.

This is a beautiful agricultural área in the summer. Lots of artesinal products for sale. Quillón is located in the Itata Valley, the oldest wine región in Chile, the first vines planted in1551. This morning though had a light frost on the yard, Winter having just begun in the southern hemisphere. September is around the start of spring here. I think late Sept you can start planting.

I have corresponded today with a place in Talkeetna Alaska about work so I don't know if i'll be here all winter. I land those seasonal jobs easily. I have twice the experience and more productive past times than most applicants.

The cabaña is for summer rental so it pretty freaking cold blooded but I packed all the cracks with aluminum foil and tape. I told Ana to trust me im like an eskimoo compared to these people. Thank you Ohio. We brought our gas heater from home thank god. Its nice here through, lots of space and large trees.

Our friends Soledad and Andrés have three German shepherds and a little terrier. Mongo is justifiably terrified. I was told the neighbor dog trespassed and was murdered. The excitement ripples through those three Nazi-dogs and its kind of intimidating. I think they'll all get used to each other in a few days.

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