The Us Needs Private Law Enforcement

by Adventure Wynn

Its Time for Private Law Enforcement contracts. Why is every law, no matter how trivial enforced at gunpoint? Should cops have the option to escalate every traffic stop into a life or death power play?

Why cant they just use the license plate to locate them later? That would be logical. Cops are never forced to resort to logic. Cops only shoot to kill. They leave the logic to lawyers defending them.

I'm a firm believer that private law enforcement would solve most policing problems over night. Better contracts would reward better cops. Why not bring the Pinkerton's back?

I thought we believed in private enterprise and the free market? The FOP could still exist under this system. We privatize health care and education but act like law enforcement is off limits.

The second law enforcement is held to a higher standard by contract they will naturally weed the bad cops out. Imagine if doctors or teachers acted like cops?

Why am I the only one thinking of this? At the same time we can absorb the Sheriffs Dept. Why do we have múltiple police agencies? Didn't we learn from 911 that múltiple agencies only help the bad guys? Think of the chaotic response by 50 states to the pandemic. There are 17,985 law enforcement entities in the US! Think of that inefficiency!

I guarantee with all the billions for law enforcement we can find better professionals than these profane "nigger killin' lawmen feeding their notches." Send the bad ones back to coaching Steubenville football.

Arent you sick of hearing cops scream profanity at people who are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty? Screaming profanity is always an example of a loss of control. We would never accept this from any professional, let alone an armed one.

Is it too much to expect the same level of professionalism from law enforcement as garbage collectors or bus drivers? Why are we conditioned to think this is normal? They obviously can't handle the pressure.

Clearly American law enforcement is not working for the majority. Time to think outside the box maybe. Name one other alternative thats been proposed in the 20+ years since the NYPD shot Amadou Dialo 19 times in front of his apartment for reaching for his wallet? Or since Rodney King was beaten by the LAPD without mercy almost 30 years ago?

Imagine only one law enforcement agency, no BS jurisdictions. Or imagine a country or town could have the option to employ unarmed law enforcement if it chose? They could still have the primary job of raising revenue (which is all the "thin blue line" does besides murder brothers) but they could also be replaced if the majority voted them out.

There would be no limit to the better options ready to jump in and snatch up a good contract...Instead of calling in the National Guard to maintain the status quo.

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