She Dances in Bright Colors for an Audience of Only One. Part One Continued. Encounter in the Enchanted Forest.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


The princess meets her prince charming.

Prince Valiant Viennear lived up to both his name, as well as his reputation. He knew exactly how to approach human princess. But alas he had no knowledge. Who this beautiful memorizing vision of lovingness was. He stealthy dismounted his magnificent winged white stallion 'Silver."

Silver's' highly ornamented saddle was made of the finest leather in all of the kingdom. Silver was the precious medal ornamenting Silver's saddle. Silver was a white, winged and highly intelligent stallion. He left to graze and to drink water from the enchanted lake. He made a wish he could talk to his master. And likewise his master could talk to him. And of course in fairy tales do really come true!

His wish was instantly granted. Prince Valiant Viennear decided to make contact with this breath taking woodland creature. "Please don't be afraid, I mean you no harm. I saw you singing and dancing in bright colors in the enchanted Forrest. And I desperately longed to make your acquaintance." Prince Valiant Viennear introduce himself.

Princess Vanessa Vandamere smiled radiantly at the dark deep and royal purple clad handsome prince. Noticing his dark raven hair and gazing into his golden and deep brown eyes. His manly facile and perfection physical features. And his perfectly structured masculine body also strongly attracted her.

She longed to have his loving sturdy arms romantically embrace her. She wanted him to kiss her. With his warm and tender lips. In a never ending bliss of true love's first kiss! Never was there in all of the enchanted kingdom! A single man who could hold a candle to him. She responded to his warm and tender loving smile. "My name is Princess Vanessa Vandermere of the enchanted kingdom. And no I am not a butterfly fairy. My grandmother Princess Elena was. She feel madly in love with Prince Author Charming. She had to make the ultimate sacrifice by becoming human.

In order for her to be allowed to marry him. There was a prophecy foretold through out the lands. Her first female grandchild would become and unusual one. My three butterfly fairies guardian' Wendy gave me the gift of my butterfly fairy wings. And of course my magical wand."

So your are an uniquely human young girl with unusual magical gifts?" he reiterated her remarks. "Are you only able to grant me one heartfelt desirable wish?" "I am able to grant unto you as many wishes as you want!" she gazed deeply into his golden brown eyes.

Perchance you would like to know something first. My grandfather and your grandmother were husband and wife. We are both related to each other." Prince Valiant Viennear proudly proclaimed. "Does that bother you? And I remember the prophecy that was foretold concerning you."

"I am glad to know we both are kinsmen!' She shouted lovingly. "What is the first wish you want me to bestowed upon you?" Are you able to grant me this special wish? Would you be able to give unto me butterfly fairy wings and a magical wand? He looked deeply into her sky blue eyes.

"Yes I am able if you are willing to abide by the rules and regulations." She informed him. "The magical wands were first given to butterfly fairies by fairy godmothers. They must not be used for any evil thought, word or deed. They must only be used to accomplish good deeds not evil ones.

Are you ready, willing and able to abide by these rules? Your answer must to told truthfully and you must not. Under any circumstances lie to me. If you are able to do these requirements. Nod your head and look me into my eyes. And truthfully tell me, "Yes I am able."

The prince humbly nodded his head and looked her into her eyes," Yes I am able." His transformation was instantly completed. He wore a blue diamond crown with a golden base. He was clad in a multi colored and blue diamond princely attire. He had his very man sized butterfly fairy wings complete with magical wand!

And now my prince I can tell you the rest of the prophecy. On the day of our encounter it was foretold I was to meet you here." Princess Vanessa Vandamere had met her very own personal prince charming.

Prince Valiant Viennear embraced her and gave her true love's first magical kiss! And my own true love I have a wish to ask you. I would love a white winged stallion of my very own!" asked his princess. "But of course my own first and true love." the prince replied.

Princess Vanessa expected a white winged stallion to magically appear. When 'Silver' was drinking from the enchanted lake he made a wish. Previous to the princess. He want a winged white filly of his very own to love! She was surprised by the gender change of her first wish!

Silver named his own special filly Lady and he wished for her to also be able to speak to humans. "Sorry to disappoint you both, but I wanted a love of my own. 'Silver' spoke for the first time. "Lady will be my own gift to you my princess!"

The two humans with butterfly fairy wings mounted two white winged horses. And they all flew off into the sunset. Surrounded by their own unique limn. 'Silver' and his filly, Lady. They were prancing and dancing engulfed in bright colors for an audience of only one!

Love as always, Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954 Roxy 1954/

October Country May 27-28, 2020

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