She Dances in Bright Colors for an Audience of Only One. Version Two

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


This second version of "She dances in bright colors for an audience of only one." Is also dedicated to Mrs. Campbell All Poetry. Silver was the name of the Lone Ranger'swhite stallion.

Once upon a time there was a young princes. Her name was Princes Vanessa Vandermere. She was blessed with blond hair and blue eyes. There were three good guardian butterfly fairies who each bestowed upon her a single gift more later. Her first gift was the gift of grace, beauty, song and dancing. It was bestowed upon her by Fiaria.

The second gift was a gentle and kind generous heart. It was bestowed upon her by Jasmine. The last gift was her very own human sized butterfly fairy wings! And her own magical wand! These most important gifts were bestowed upon her by Wendy. Her third guardian butterfly fairy. She was also given a blue diamond tierra with a solid golden base.

It was almost like Auroa's three fairy godmothers bestowing their gifts upon her. She also became known as Briar Rose and sleeping beauty. Each butterfly fairy blessed her by pointing their magical wands on her blond crown. Her abundant blond hair was her gift of crowning glory!

Her eyes were as brightly blue as a summer's sky. And they twinkled like shimmering blue diamonds in the evening's sky. She could talk to and understand all of God's creatures. Likewise they could talk to and understand her as well. Princes Vanessa Vandermere was born a very unusual child. It was rumored that her grand grandmother,Princes Elena, once was a butterfly fairy herself. Princes Elena fell madly in love with her prince charming King Author. Her one wish was granted she became human in order to marry him.

But it was foretold her first born female grandchild would be born an unusual one. Princess Vanessa Vandermere, would posses certain abilities. Denied to mere humans and they simply did not have. She would be able to have a sweet haunting whistle of a gentle bird. And they would be able to sing their melody's of love also to her.

Just like Snowhite, her songs could command the animal kingdom. She would be able to sing and dance with the birds and the animals in a high pitched first soprano powerful voice! Much more beautiful than Snow White's ever was!

Even as a young child, she danced in bright multi colored gowns. She would sing and dance the day away! Princess Vanessa Vandermere would sing and dance in her kingdom's vast forest. She felt much closer to God's natural world. She would lift up her eyes high into God's bright blue Spring and Summer skies. She would lift up her hands in worship and praise to him. Her gown with multi colored diamonds. It would emits multi colored sparks of electricity.

Star dust was in her sky blue eyes. Her eyes twinkled like sparkling diamonds stars in the evening sky. Her countenance was a bright as the sun. And her facial features resembled an angelic being. One fine warm summer day Princess Vanessa Vandermere was waltzing in the woods and singing like a bird.

Her butterfly fairy wings were flickering in the gentle breeze. She was wearing a floor lengthen multi colored gown. Studded with multi colored diamonds. Her ballerina slippers were made of the finest pure gold.

A handsome young prince with raven black hair and deepest golden brown eyes. He was clad from crown to feet with the darkest and deepest royal princely purple. He as riding his white winged magnificent white stallion 'Silver' deeply into the wilderness.

Prince Valiant Viennear loved the solitude. He cherished its peaceful and serene wooded forest. It would make him forget his many cares and vast responsibleness. He would lift up his beautiful high tenor voice in song. As a young boy he used to have a very high male soprano voice.

His magnificent stallion 'Silver' was also highly trained a dancing horse, who would dance to his singing. To be completely truthful the prince could never stop singing!

The little animals and the larger ones. Also gazed longly upon this handsome male human and 'Sliver'. The woodland creatures, however, did not regard Princess Vanessa Vandermere as mere a human being!

They thought of her as a female human sized butterfly fairy! Prince Valiant likewise thought she was a beautiful blond hair and blue eyed butterfly fairy.

He had heard about such creatures, but he never had beheld one with his very own eyes. Was she for real or was she a radiant vision of loveliness? Did he dare contact her and invade her personal privacy?

He had heard butterfly fairies had magical wands and could grant wishes. But only for good request and never evil deeds! He pondered in his masculine heart. Would this charming creature grant him his heartfelt desires! Would he be able to communicate with her and she understand him?

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy l954/ October Country

May 27, 2020

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