by Umair Habib


Resistence is force of nature it stops you from your creativity


By: Umair Habib

Every human being has two kinds of life, one is what he has lived and the other is within him, the distance between the two is called resistance. There are very few people in the world who have managed to close this distance, I have also tried to reduce this distance and it is very difficult to write but I keep resisting, just in the beginning I may or may not recover, but I will do some things here so that I can help someone else to cover this distance.

Life conditions are never the same, we learn a lot from experienced writers from all over the world, education makes us human from living being, there are mistakes, there are regrets, but learning is the name of life. The most important problem we have seen in our country is the lack of education. I am not talking about degrees here. I am referring to changes in practical life. This change does not come immediately, although there are many families where change is to be seen. Not found, but there are many from which you can learn that it is not possible but has been done. I will describe some of these situations here.

Reading newspapers is the first step in our transformation, which can also be done from mobile, including a news or informational app such as the BBC, Al Jazeera, and our country's leading newspapers, many of which are for you. Write, talk about everyday experiences that teach us a lot. Believe me, when we start the learning process, the most vicious role is resistance, which prevents you, no resistance. There is no form, but it is a natural force that can ever come to the fore in any form, but we can only compete with this force to defeat it.

Education does not teach us as much as people's experience and their words teach us and these people or experience can be accomplished through meetings or talks with the intention of learning, education just teaches us discipline the rest of the work is the experiences around us Of Teaching children something special in their upbringing is your real education which does not need any money, I do not mean to underestimate the importance of education but the focus is on reviewing other issues as well.

The mindsets of nations are formed from their personal experiences, nations become better if the experimental life improves, religion is an internal personal matter, racism is a personal pleasure, sectarianism is the satisfaction of a group but most importantly Above all, we have to move forward with positive thinking, we all have strength on the inner and outer basis, but its proper use leads us to the beautiful destination. Believe me, there are many people in this world just for you. You will decide how you want to learn from them, even if there is a difference of opinion or personal opinion, but the interest is yours.

You don't need any special money or environment, you just need a little time to think for yourself. Studying the world for it can give you positive thinking. A nation that doesn't learn from others wastes its life learning from itself. This is all my opinion. Maybe someone has a difference of opinion, but it is better to bring that difference to the fore with positive thinking than to murmur in the heart. The distance between the world of East and West is apparently not just a kilometer, it is a journey of centuries. You have to move forward to fix it. If you don't, at least the next generation will come to this place.

You have the most important role to play in changing the situation of nations.

"Every individual is the star of the nation's destiny"

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