A Butterfly Fairy in Her Pocket Conclusion. The Winifred Feather Weather Story.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


Santa Claus's snow globes.

While Cassie and her daughter, Beverly were enjoying Butterfly fairy island. Ms Winifred Feather Weather was forced into early retirement. She had noon but herself to blame for her harsh and arbitrary treatment of her elementary student body. "What on earth can I do now? I have lost both my job and my retirement benefits!" she lamented. "I wrote and illustrated children's books when I was younger. Mother saw them and told me when I was older, I would have to support myself with a "real job." She wasn't always going to be there with me! "Writing and illustrating children's books could be a hobby and not a paying job!"

I thought by working in an elementary school and being around children would help out? But it didn't I only succeeded in carrying and transferring all of the resentment I had for my mother. Onto my students and colleagues. I was voted the lease popular of all of the vice principals. My cross is far too heavy to bear! Must I carry that richly deserved but hated label the rest of my life?" she sobbed her tired eyes out.

I wrote about fairies and as a young child, I really did believe in them. I also believed in Santa Claus. My mother told me harshly they were just mythology. The same type of ancient Greek and Roman mythology. If I was going to be a writer, why not write about that? Century after century writers have been writing about classical mythology. They did not need me to join their list of renowned authors. The candle burned at both ends. Santa Claus and fairies were still popular topics today.

In a way I would sort of redeem myself. I hated and despised my mother. And I made myself a pledge! I would never under any circumstances grow up and be as judgmental as she was! She was responsible for only one child. Whereas I was responsible for many children!" She wrote in her personal diary.

"If only I could have a second chance to look after young children! I have made a pledge to treat them with the kindness and understanding they deserve! I will always be sick and I will never be will until I have forgiven my mother!"

Santa Claus and his wife were smiling. They were observing Ms Winfred Feather weather. Apparently she had a heart worth saving after all!

Santa and Mrs Claus both came down her chimney. Fortunately there was not a fire in it. "Winifred," The Clauses look at the old maid school principal. "We are looking for a special person who loves little children. Just as much as we do! We have a place for lost little boys and girls. They have been abandoned and need a safe sanctuary. Would you be willing to be their teacher? You could use all of the hard work you used as a young girl. When you used to write about fairies and us. Are you interested?" Mrs Claus smiled and said.

"Yes I am and I do believe!" Winfred shouted. "We have a surprise for you! The woman who was conducting school for all of these years. Is looking for an assistant." Santa Claus chuckled. "But until you were willing to forgive her, we could not reach out and help you!"

Winfred Feather Weather meet and greet your mother Marian Feather Weather!" Mother and daughter were reunited after all of these many long years. An older way of existence had ended. The time has come for a new beginning and a fresh start. They all went up the chimney. Santa Claus used his sledge and nine reindeer. This time he had three female adult passengers.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

May 22, 2020

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