A Butterfly Fairy in Her Pocket Part One Continued.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


three butterfly faires

After Buttercup finished her desert, she explained herself. "We used to have ordinary fairy's wings. Until one day a pollinating fairy had contact with a butterfly. They were pollinating the same flowery bush together. Than all of our wings became as bright and color as butterflies. We became known as butterfly fairies. As for our magical wands, they were to us as gifts. Courtesy of fairy godmothers. We do have multi colored golden pixie dust trees. Which also were transformed. I used to be human until my parents died. Our relatives had large families of their own. And could not offer me shelter from the storm. I did not know what to do and was crying my eyes out." She explained. "How did you become a butterfly fairy?" wondered both Cassie and her daughter Beverly?

"A butter fly fairy named Pretty little buttercup saw me crying and comforted me. I told her I did not want to become a foster child. Buttercup said. She told me I did not have to go into foster care. If I wanted I could leave with her. We offer sanctuary to humans needed our help. She told me she would call me Buttercup so our names would not become confused. Both of our dresses are made up of actual buttercups growing on Butterfly fairy island.

She sent me here to see you because I used to be human just like the both of you are. She thought we could relate to and understand each other. If you really have no one in your human world, who would not miss you? You do not have to remain where you are not wanted. Ms Winfred Feather Weather absolutely can not be trusted. I honestly wanted to turn her into a green toad. But I decided against it. She is already contacting child protective services. They are planning on taking Beverly away from you. They are already outside knocking on your front door. If you do not answer they will call the police."

"What do we have to do in order not to have them take my daughter away and arrest me!" shouted Cassie Anne Lane.

"You can both come with me to butterfly fairy island and be perfectly safe there. Human law has no jurisprudence on any of our neighboring islands either. All I have to do is wave my magic wand over you and its is the pixie durst which will also help you."

Buttercup waved her magic wand and the two human ladies instantly became transformed into buttercup Butterfly fairies. Their human size was reduced to 5 1/2 inches. The three fairies became invisible to human eyes. They vanished and flew to their new home on Butterfly fairy island.

They made buttercup promise she would turn their former elementary school vice principal into a green toad! The fate would be much too good for her. Buttercup admonished them not to carry any grudges from their former way of life. And transfer it into their new. She also made her pledge again.

When they did not answer the door, the DSHS workers called 911. And reported a non emergency. The police came and and said,"Open your door Mrs Lane or we will break it down!" Two strong men in blue suites did break the door down. But the strangest sight awaited all of them. There was the remains of hot chocolate with colorful miniature marshmallows. There was a partial eaten supermarket apple pie, and melting French vanilla ice cream. The dirty dishes remained on the kitchen table. They searched every where in the compact one story house. Their belongs were there. They came across childish drawings of buttercup butterfly fairies. There were fairy tail books and Disney DVDs. The compact older car was in the carport. They noticed it there before they pounded on the door.

"It looks like the buttercup butterfly fairies have done it again. And abducted two more victims. But not against their wills. There were three gym chairs, and mugs and bowels not two. The fairy was probably an invited guest of honor. Not that long ago, a little girl disappeared, Pretty much the same way. Her parents died and she was unwanted. This butterfly buttercup fairy was familiar with humans. She probably used to be one herself. She probably was the same age as Beverly Erin Lane used to be." The DSHS child protective worker shook her sandy locks.

"Will any of them ever come back?" asked Ms Winifred Feather Weather.

"As long as I have been on this, job the only time they come back, is to help other people. Sometimes people stay. But the vast majority of them don't come back as people. They might be coming back as fairies. The people who go with them have nothing to gain by remaining here. You wanted us to put a highly imaginative child into foster care. For no feasible and apparent reason! Homeschooling was the answer and not foster care! I am glad none of my children attend you school! She said with flashing green eyes. She and her coworker stormed past her.

"Have a nice day Ms Feather Weather," It hasn't been a pleasure to know you!" The two blue suited police officers abruptly left.

"Well I have never been so insulted in my entire life by the likes of you!" she was also extremely angry.

The three fairy tale creatures safely reached Butterfly fairy islands. Cassie and her daughter Beverly were glad they made. The most split second decision in their entire life.

Ms Winifred Feather Weather was placed on administrative leave. She decided to take an early retirement.

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/October Country

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