Future of Tourism

by Umair Habib


Due to COVID-19, its impossible to travel for now a days except exceptional cases, so what we should do for tourism and currently how countries behave and its policies about it

The future of tourism:

By: Umair Habib

Every new day in our daily life brings with it new problems, we pay attention to their solution with our intellect and wisdom, tourism serves as a strong weapon to ease this conflict. Apart from tourism, tourism is an industry to which millions of people worship.

The Corona Virus 19 epidemic has hit the tourism economy hard, with the United Nations World Tourism Organization estimating that international tourism could fall by 80% this year by 2019, threatening at least 100 million jobs. Is posed. At the same time, in the coming years, tourism may introduce a new form of its own.

Many countries are still plagued by the epidemic, and many have claimed control of the epidemic, including Greece, whose government says it has won the corona, and on July 1 tourists Will open for In the rest of Europe, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have announced that they will open their internal borders to citizens of all three countries from May 15. Emergency has been lifted in Portugal but domestic travel has been allowed with certain conditions. Germany, France and Italy are still going through this crisis and trying to control the situation, the decisions of the past teach that Europe will overcome the current situation.

According to Mario Hardy, chief executive of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) based in Thailand, Vietnam and Thailand may consider creating a travel corridor in the next few months. Tourism analyst Brendan Sobey expects similar arrangements to be made in Europe and the United States, but may remain silent on creating a tourism environment for the next few years.

According to experts, despite the new measures, it may take years to travel to the level before covid 19, while some experts say that we may never be able to travel like this again.

  After 9/11, security measures were seen at airports around the world. Now, after the Corona epidemic, these measures will be more stringent, based on health principles and travel times may be doubled.  In addition to how many days before the trip the passenger should be tested for corona or quarantined, the use of corona vaccine may be mandatory.

  Tourism is an industry whose future could be completely changed after this epidemic. There is a possibility of further improvement due to which special care will be taken for public health as tourism not only benefits the traveler but also the local economies and societies.  Also benefits.

Both livelihoods and the economy are at stake, with countries around the world looking for ways to keep the tourism business afloat. With tourists turning their attention to reading and watching instead of wandering around, tourism research institutes are exploring how to modernize the industry and what steps can be taken in a few years. The losses could be met.

Instead of watching tourism in this prison, you need to read it. There is no shortage of tourists in our country too. We have a great opportunity to inform the world in writing about our tourism potential at this time that we have the valleys of Azad Kashmir, the height of Babu Sir Top, the mountain ranges, The beauty of Gilgit is the centuries-old civilization in Kalash, the importance of North Pakistan can be shown through books and pictures. This will not only improve the image of our country but also benefit the economy as it becomes a tourist destination.

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