A Butterfly Fairy Is in Her Pocket Introduction.

by Roxanne Lea Dubarry


This is a fanasty fiction butterfly fairy tale. About how two females escape a harsh and unfriendly human enviornoment.

Beverly Erin Lane was a young girl. Whose mother, Cassie Anne Lane, taught to believe in the magical world of fairies. Little did both ladies realize. Butter fly fairies themselves would be spell bound by Cassie's fairy tales. One partial butterfly fairy Buttercup. Would spend her nights sleeping in one of Beverly's pajama pockets. She would wonder why her pajamas? Had a distinctive buttercup smell every morning? She wondered if her mother also noticed something unusual was going on in their own little world?

Beverly played with her own toys and never the toys of her friends. Maybe it was because she did not have any to play with? All of her peers thought she lived in her own world. And it had nothing at all to do with them. During summer vacation it was no major problem. It was only in her nine month school year it did. She always looked forward to Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring vacations.

Beverly never ate lunch in the cafeteria. She would eat her snack lunch in the little girls room. She could gobble down her snacks faster than a New York minute. However fast that was suppose to be?

She never played with the other children during their lunch time recess. First she went into their school's library trying to avoid the others. But as fate would have it, the bullies would only follow her there. They would create a scene and she would be blamed for it. Next she tried the gym but they followed her there also. They were told during nice weather. The kids were to play in the outside playground's area or field. The gym was only for colder, rainy and/or snowy days during their recess period.

She than would spend recess in their detention room. Regardless if she were sent there or not. She was considered intervened and anti social. Her grades were only lower average grades. If these symptoms continued she would never service in the real world. They recommended her parents home schooled her. She was not a candidate for special education because she was not disabled.

When Beverly was called into the vice principal's office, Ms. Feather Weather. Told her what Beverly thought was great news. From now on she would be the problem of her parents. She highly recommended Beverly received badly needed. Counseling and other psychiatric care if she ever were to become a productive member of society. Beverly trained herself to keep an expressing less face. It was all part of her coping mechanisms.

Ms Winifred Feather Weather called her mother. Cassie to her office and she arrived there just as quickly as she could. What the vice principal considered to be bad news, was to her great news. She was tired of listening to Beverly cry her eyes out because of her heartless school mates.

Cassie Anne shook her hand and thanked her. She signed all of the necessary paperwork. Beverly had to return her school books and other material. She was able to take home her personal belongings. Ms Winifred gave her a list of child psychiatrists and counselors. She recommended Beverly receive special care in conjunction with her school work. There were several on line home school options. A girl such as her daughter was. Should have never been enrolled in a public school to begin with. What on earth caused her to enroll her problem child in the first place? Ms Feather Weather noticed the strong resemblance between mother and daughter. She gladly signed her out of their school system. Beverly Erin Lane was no longer her problem but her parents.

Little did any of the young ladies realize. But Beverly's butterfly fairy Buttercup was present during the entire session. According to Buttercup, there was absolutely nothing wrong.

Neither with Cassie Erin nor her daughter Beverly Erin. The problem was with the public school system in the first place. It was was great news! She was sorely tempted to turn Ms Winifred Feather Weather into a green toad! It was only because of the composure of Cassie and her daughter, Beverly. Ms Feather Weather remained human! Buttercup should advise Santa Claus to leave a lump of coal in her Christmas stocking? She shook her tiny head. Her human friends would never approve of it. Buttercup rightly thought her human friends would need her protection after all.

Cassie and her daughter quickly left a perplexed vice principal shaking her head. And wondering what was the world coming to any way? Apparently the apple did not fall far from the tree. She was glad the Lane family was out of her hair for good! She could count her many blessings and get back to work.

Cassie and her daughter, Beverly rapidly walked into the elementary school's parking lot. Cassie looked both ways before backing out of the parking lot. She patiently waited for her turn before permanently leaving school property. She cautiously entered into the right hand lane of the two way traffic. Driving the few miles to their home sweet home!

"Don't worry honey don't worry," Cassie Anne consoled her badly shaken daughter."

Beverly Erin broke out in a flood of unshed tears! She strangely felt better after getting all of that pent up emotional outbreak out of her system. She had waited until they were safely inside their house before she started crying. She was clinging to her special mother.

"You will never set one foot inside that nut house again and I won't have to either! The idea thinking you needed a head shrink! She's the one who needs a shrink, not you!" she said in an angry outburst of emotion. "Thank God your father and I are divorced! He would be a perfect mate for Ms. Winifred Feather Weather!"

It was a pretty good thing none of their neighbors were at home. Their young children were all away at school. And both parents were working hard to provide their daily bread for their families.

Cassie Anne Lane knew it would only be a matter of time before. Ms Winfred Feather Weather would notify child protective services. Trying to prove to the state authorities she was an unfit mother. Thereby having her only child, Beverly Erin Lane, removed from her custody.

Fortunately her father David Lamount Lane. Had no desire to take care of his' deranged daughter.' She could not bear it if Beverly were placed in foster homes! What on earth was a helpless mother to do? She needed as much protection as her daughter did!

Unknown to the both of them, they had a silent and invisible witness. Butterfly fairies usually remained hidden from the human world. But if a butterfly fairy had 'good cause' she could become visible. Unlike Tinker Bell and her fairies she would not have resort to Panamanian to communicate with them. She could also enlarge herself to human height. If ever a butterfly fairy had 'good cause' to reveal herself, Buttercup did!

Love as always,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

May 20, 2020

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