May Day 2020

by Adventure Wynn

The truest comment ever to leave Trumps mouth was "America wasn't built to be shut down." And if in the future, the US can not survive that is why, its like a fragile hybrid that needs a very specific environment to thrive.

The modern Industrial Matrix that you are forced by law to participate in is to structure the "trickle up" effect, enriching the 1%, while you are distracted by the repackaged fantasy of Ronald Reagan.

The stock market is how they measure this. To insure poor peoples concern with the stock market you have all become invested in its success through your retirement plans.

While the rich gamble with your retirement, they risk nothing because that's who the govt works for and the bailouts keep coming. When the inevitable bankruptcies begin will they return their handouts? So those are just golden parachutes disguised as "bailouts" by propaganda. The rich can leave this Titanic but for those of us in 3rd class we are going down.

You can and possibly will end your years homeless and destitute like an old veteran of endless wars in which he had no real interest in fighting in the first place.

Your lives and futures are of no more real value to them than the plastic poker chips thrown into the pot. You are their ante and they are already thinking about the next hand.

Happy International Workers Day❤️ #trump2020 #covid19 #coronavirus

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