Eras Creatures

by WildeFoxx


These are the sentient species in the book I'm writing.




Irrigems are the superior sentient beings on this new planet, possessing the most humanoid appearance in both society and physique. The bodies of this race are characterized by their purely spherical heads and sharply angular bodies, limbs, of which, occasionally float. Another characteristic of these alien creatures, and, arguably their most defining trait, is their feet, that are commonly spheroids and float the rest of their body a full six inches above them. They have three fingers on each large hand and an opposable thumb to boot, allowing them to theoretically preform many of the same tasks us Humans can, though it may be more difficult due to their obnoxiously long forearms.

Being the superior species, they view the other, inferior sentient species as nothing more than pests in the case of Mitorians, and in the somewhat unfortunate case of the Alors, pets. This species is responsible for most of the structures and writings on their planet. Strangely enough, they shy away from a certain semi-aquatic mammal living in the large lake that seems almost like an ocean on Eras. Their culture and religions greatly overshadow that of the inferior sentient beings'.

These humanoid creatures are stereotypically childish and have a knack for excessively gambling-and winning more often than not. They are also known for pranking one another when times are bright, often daily. Irrigems love to play and do so often. Unfortunately, we do not know much more about our alien neighbors since they refuse to encounter us nor do they let us stay on their planet for more than a few hours at a time. It seems that they can sense something strange within us, and do not trust our kind because of this.




Alors are the smaller, inferior primitive cousins to the Irrigems, and are considered pets to the rich, and helpers to the poor on Eras. These common house dwellers are, when bred by the superior species, obedient, knowledgeable with tools, and capable of thinking up to 7-year-old levels. Alors are characterized by their lack of arms and consistent floating. They, like Irrigems, have commonly spherical floating feet, but often lack opposable thumbs or even fingers. They have four to six tufts on their heads that can move around like arms based on emotion, and even their tail is split into two floating sections. On average, this alien species is only half the size of your normal Irrigem at around three feet tall.

While Alors have a hard time, in the wild and as domestics, grasping onto written language, logic, philosophy, and the meaning of 'no', they can cover each other's weak points when they form packs. Being inferior to both the Irrigems and us Humans means that these creatures are unable to efficiently or calmly convey extreme emotions, so they've learnt to be stereotypically happy-go-lucky and gleeful, so it's inherently harder for them to turn on one another. When these beasts are angered to their breaking point, they're a fury of slashing tentacles and claws, which are morphed from their hands to defend themselves.

We happen to contain a few specimens of this species here on Earth, after they supposedly crashed a model ship from their home planet to here. It is in this way that we can know more about their culture and way of life, and especially their mannerisms.




Mitorians are the most inferior of the three sentient species on this new planet, though it seems to only be this way due to a lack of mobile form. These creatures look quite like the Irrigem's currency in some cases and are often toted around by social outcasts. These sentient beings are characterized by their gem Core, which houses both their magic and conscience. These gems vary greatly in size, shape, color, strength, and cuts, but are commonly completely flat on one side and detailed on the other. The Mitorians have the strange ability to attach themselves to corpses and insert their consciousness into them, thereby able to obtain mobile form for up to a couple months. They can also link their minds to those of the living, but only if they are near. In this way, the parasitic gems can manipulate beings in order to obtain a mobile body.

Unfortunately, a few of these beings roam free on Earth, often compelling citizens to steal cadavers from hospital, state, and sometimes even federal morgue after being instructed by Mitorians. Even worse, certain Mitorians will kill the unfortunate being that's been duped into assisting them once in their new body.

There is hope, however, because it is rather easy to identify a Mitorian when in a corpse. The Core will often be on the forehead or spinal cord of the victim, as to allow access to all the feeling and mobility possible. Strange symbols, almost like runes, in the Core's respective color will appear in pairs on the body, most of which located on the palms, cheeks, shoulder blades, legs, or feet. The victim's eyes will appear glazed over, hazy, and clouded, with haunting flashes of, again, the Core's respective color. The best way to defeat one of these parasites is to strike the Core gem, hopefully hard enough to crack or even shatter it.

From Doctor Nara Rei on our newest scientific discovery.

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