"Plandemic" and "Agitprop"

by Adventure Wynn

There just appears to be no hope for the US. I have learned two new terms in the last 24 hours "plandemic" and "Agitprop"

The first term, so simple the smallest mental midget can immediately grasp it without further investigation and that's the point. The second term is another portmanteau (like kompromat) of the words agitation and propaganda. Of course the Soviets coined it. I'm sure the NSDAP used it in the 1930s too, to seize power and those are just the obvious cases on the national level.

Like laws of physics that control the universe "agitprop" also works on a smaller scale too. Like two fighters squaring off, it's called getting in the other guys head. Stop letting the agitation direct your thoughts. No fight was ever won like that.

On the smaller scale, getting in your opponents head, helps control your opponent. On the national level it helps the smaller minority control the larger majority.

Picture an air hockey table. Without the air, the puck doesn't want to move, it's the Law of Inertia. It's a lot harder to move, but with a little agitation it flies around wildly. This is a perfect analogy to people on facebook.

People have to be smart enough to sense the agitation for what it is. The agitation is the point. The subject is irrelevant 99% of time. It's not all destructive I'm talking about all the blatant conspiracies that leave you unsure of anything. Let the inertia of what you have always known to be right and wrong control your actions and not the daily agitations that send you flying about.

The US needs patience right now more than anything. Patience is the last thing being displayed in social media. You're not helping by sharing your agitation.

Agitation is not a legitimate reason to share anything on Facebook. The agitation IS the whole point. When you share it, you become the problem. Left or right we all share the agitation and the blame.

We need to build a coalition of trust among us and not allow our unity to be destroyed by impulsive belligerence. We are the sheep when we act on impulse and social media is the Shepherd.

It's late in this fight and we better realize the current strategy isn't working. We are losing! Champions adapt and we are the champions.... Of the world!

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