Never Trust an Industrialist

by Adventure Wynn

Humph.... The root of my suspicions are that if Big Pharma does its job right it will put itself out of business.

Polio is a perfect example. If Polio was the industries golden egg, they just strangled the goose! They cured it, now what? I bet somewhere there's a "Fuck Jonas Salk Day".

Why did Salk give the patent away? You ever really wonder about that? Did he know something you don't...Just like Eisenhower's farewell. Was he communicating something?

I wouldn't put it past Big Pharma to have a cure for AIDS. What better group of exiles to exploit. Maybe Big Pharma is even responsible for the hysteria of the 80's. Frightened people tend to demand less.

Life means nothing to industrialists. "Remember the Maine".. The Gulf of Tonkin... Pearl Harbor...Kennedy Assassination.. 9/11.. What "Pearl Harbor like event" have they not been able to profit off of in the last 200 years?

The truth will always come out but long after the attention span of the current saeculum😉... Just like "Remember the Maine", So yeah, Remember the Maine! The lesson of the Maine and all other reasons for war are you can not trust an industrialist.

Whats the difference of WWII and Vietnam? The only real difference was the Krupps got the jump on the Carnegies of the world.

Like magic we are now afflicted with a string of 21st century illness. What would motivate the share holders to cure anything? A better way would be to supply a cocktail of drugs to subdue symptoms while leaving the underlying condition to drive profits.

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