Quick Buy an Antibody Test

by Adventure Wynn

From CDC

"The immune response, including duration of immunity, to SARS-CoV-2 infection is not yet understood. Patients with MERS-CoV are unlikely to be re-infected SHORTLY after they recover, but it is not yet known whether similar immune protection will be observed for patients with COVID-19."

It looks possible at best a person recovered will have immunity for a short period of time. From what Ive read with other vaccines to maintain immunity you need exposed to the virus.

By the time the govt tests a significant percent of the population why wouldn't the first group tested need retested? And also from reading 2%-13% can be reinfected anyway.

I don't see a positive anti body test as much more than a false sense of security. Is this temporary sense of security worth billions in profits to Big Pharma?

Theres nothing concrete about lasting immunity so far other than billions will be spent on this test. How many times will you retake it? The billions in profits and the mixed messages coming from proponents Give hints to red herrings.

The bottom line is if you have anti bodies it doesn't guarantee anything. Listen to the media, of course and rush out and buy a test before any more contradictory evidence comes out. Thats Why I think its being flogged in media right now without definitive evidence of its necessity.

The President and plenty others in govt have already admitted there are acceptable losses to protecting profits. Why wouldn't they promote a false sense of security to get this done? Sight some actual current evidence for buying this test if you have an argument.

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