Stupid Like a Fox

by Adventure Wynn

I thought about commenting yesterday about my suspicions that Trump was going to make a outrageous comment today to literally guide news coverage. Yesterday was spent talking about injecting disinfectants because of his comment the day before.

I wake up today (OK I rolled out at noon) to fb being lit up by Trump tweeting repeatedly about "Noble" prizes. I already see his out. Pulitzers are "Noble" prizes. Thats what he will say he meant.

Theres no way he did that on accident. Tomorrows news will be about his explanation. Tuesday will be another ridiculous comment. Wednesday explanation day. Thursday dumb comment and so on. I bet he has a team of writers thinking up comments for him.

Meanwhile no tough question are being asked, or at least less time is spent on significant issues. I saw Pence ramble on and on the other day on "Meet the Press". When asked a simple yes or no question and would ramble the entire show giving nothing but the same old sound bites. One noticeable technique of Pences was to start every answer with saying, "Todd,......" This is nothing new but Trump has taken it to a whole new level. Isn't this another form of the tail wagging the dog!?

I see a lot of people on fb wanting to come off as smart... Including me. Thats Why 50 people post the same answer to a question regardless what 49 people said before him. The answer is about the person posting it more than anything. It must be human nature to want to be smarter than another guy on fb. Who is a better target than Trump... Like Geo W was before him... Everyone talked about how they were smarter than that douche. You all are eating this bs up too.

So by my calculations Trump should produce at least 3 stupid or outrageous comments by the weekend. That is unless he tweets out a real doozy. Lets all pay attention and see if I'm right.

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