The Industrial Reactor Is Melting Down

by Adventure Wynn

Think about the scope of the problem in the northern hemisphere. Some have used the lower numbers in the southern hemisphere to repeat other people's guess that the virus will decrease in the summer. Brazil has 60,000 cases btw. I think the lower numbers are clearly related to population density... Obviously. No matter where you look the rates of increase seem similar even through the totals may be lower. Chile was at 60 cases now we are at 13,000+.

I am reminded of the similarity of industrialized farming and chickens specifically. Industrial chicken farming is about packing the máx number of chickens in the coop to increase productivity. Until the law of diminishing returns is violated. When this law is violated and density gets too high the farmer has to supply the chickens with antibiótics so they can survived such an unnatural environment. When you hear the country needs to get back to normal consider that analogy. Thats what the govt wants you to consider as "normal".

In my opinión, That is why its so much worse in the northern hemisphere. Too many chickens living an unnatural life just to boost production. This is the product of industrialization. Using the population like fuel rods for an industrial reactor and I smell smoke.

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