Hours of Wu

by Adventure Wynn

These are very confusing times. Its like you can never be sure of anything. Everything, every aspect of the US is always turned to 11. Remember the mellow days of Reagan and Clinton?

To help deal with the confusion and uncertainty I have invented my own unit of measure. I named the measurement a Wynn Unit or wu (1wu= 1Wynn).

It can measure temperature in degrees of wu or Dwu, weight in Twu (tons of wu... 1Twu equals 57600wu) , or time in Hwu (Hours of wu...1Hwu averages 85 years). You can even measure gravity.

Gravity you measure as a percent of wu... For instance, Italy at this moment has 152,271 cases of the coronavirus and with 19,468 fatalities thats a 13%wu. In comparison Spain has a 10%wu. Because the US has way more cases, its difficult to have a reliable %wu.

To check the gravity of the situation, we use the average of the Italian and the Spanish wu. With 11.5%wu in the equation for the US we get 57,667 wu. Thats one Twu. That's a whole Twu! That's a lot of wu.

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