Leadership in History and Today

by Adventure Wynn

I have thought a lot about Trump's leadership technique after I noticed how he uses double entendre when he communicates.

"The Democrats want the Virus to win?

50% a question and 50% a declarative statement. The political disposition of the reader will decide how to take that. Other statements meant to cause a subtle dissonance include,

" I don't see why it would be Russia."


"This is their new hoax."

In all three cases and others I can't recall he says something in a way he knows his supporters and detractors will take completely opposite. This is what I see as the main friction. This is what's creating this atmosphere of misunderstanding in the US. It's not an accident.

Checkout the history of this technique...

Divide & Rule

The term dates back to the Roman Empire. The "Divide your enemy so you can reign" approach is attributed to Julius Cesar...44 years after Julius Caesar, Jesus was born.

'Divide and Rule' was used by Great Britain in India to create two different sections of Indians...until Gandhi came along.

Hoover's COINTELPRO used the "Divide and Rule" techniques to cause discord between the Black Panthers and the Southern Christian Leadership.

There's countless examples today. Modi in Pakistan for instance. Here's a quote from The Guardian, "Boris Johnson seeks to divide and conquer with his incendiary rhetoric"

This technique has been used successfully for 2000 years at least by imperial powers in Asia, Africa and today in the Middle East.

We all know Hitler scapegoated the Jews in the 30s and 40s.

In 1943, Frank Capra' s "Divide and Conquer" the 3rd movie in the 'Why We Fight' Trilogy it said... "a warning to Americans that political rhetoric condemning minorities and foreigners is a precursor to fascist movements like Nazism."

In the 1943 US propaganda film "Don't Be Suckers" explains,

"I thought Nazis were crazy people, stupid fanatics... Unfortunately it was not so...They used prejudice as a practical weapon to cripple the nation."

The 2 party system in the US is this prejudice.

Combine this with Basic Business School techniques like,

"Some supervisors assign responsibility jointly to two people who are already at odds... often its purpose is to keep the warriors in conflict, to protect the supervisor."


"One approach to dividing an alliance, or to keeping trouble alive, is to tell lies to one or both parties. Lies - either of omission or commission - can create the impression that one party threatens the other."

There is no doubt in my mind Trump is intellectually disabled in a lot of ways but I am certain he will cause many books to be written about how with the right techniques even a "dotard" can control 300 million people.

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