Apology to "Preppers"

by Adventure Wynn

I'd like officially apologize to preppers... The word "Prepper", now, reminds me more of the word "Anti-Vaxxer", a tool of propaganda used to shame you into acknowledging there is no alternative to life inside the Industrial Matrix.

There is a silver lining. The lining is pretty gray right now but in the right light... All the slow rolling short comings of the industrial life have backed up and become a tidal wave. It's obvious that we have to rethink our blind commitment to supporting the industrial Matrix...The complex of industries that you are forced to participate in. They are fragile and only work in well manicured environments. Above all they demand your participation to function. That's why they pass laws making it unavoidable.

I read 70% of the economy is consumer driven. I like that that is on full display right now. I have been an advocate to non participation or limited participation in that for years. The Dow Jones is a scam invented by the rich for the rich. Poor working class have been forced to participate in it, through retirement accounts, so they have to care if it goes up or down. This is not the way life has always been and it does not guarantee a better one anymore than total ruin.

This virus will likely pass. I don't believe it will pass quickly. 18 months is what some estimates are saying. I've seen multiple reports China has a vaccine close to production but will American industry let us have it? Will they sacrifice their profits to help us? That's one of the biggest questions to me. The evidence is no. Look at insulin... With the clamp down on the border theres no going to Canada for the Chinese vaccine. I know the recent law says the vaccine is free but that just means they're getting their profit via the tax payer.

If this virus circulates for a year or more I would expect things to start breaking down. Food supply will be seriously effected in the parts of the world that the Industrial Matrix controls. Large cities will be prisons where military is distributing the basics. I'm not saying this is going to happen tomorrow but it is inevitable. Maybe not with this virus... Think about how many life threatening viruses have popped up in the last 20 years. Like every aspect of the time-line, it's getting congested. What if in this rapidly spreading environment it mutates as I've read it already has? What if science experiments hunting the cure cause it to mutate?

There's not a good outcome for the current inhabitants of the industrial Matrix. Like Graham Hancock writes, it's the hunter gatherers that will survive the global cataclysm. Ultimately I'm no safer in Chile than you are in Chicago. But I think more people are safer in more agrarian societies than the industrialized ones. We have accepted the short comings of the industrial Matrix for what we consider the greater good.

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