I Don't Understand the Coronavirus Argument.

by Adventure Wynn

Can you tell political affiliations from Coronavirus posts or is it my imagination?

One post said... "People who say the flu is as deadly as the coronavirus are basically saying.. 'math is hard.' "

And it was answered by a guy who said..."You do know the flu killed way more people than the coronavirus every year? Give your head a shake."

Like everyone I'm just repeating what I've heard but unlike most I'm putting that out front. I read Coronavirus has a 3% to 4% mortality. There's at least 800 cases in the US with 27 fatalities... I'm no mathmusician but that's like 3.3%.

CDC numbers for the flu last year... At the high end was 45,000,000 infected with a high estimate of 61,000 fatalities.. Again no mathmusician here but I don't need to be to know that's way the fuck under 1%.

For you who don't know how to figure percentages if 45 million get the coronavirus in the US, there will be 1. 8 million dead. DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A PROBLEM YET?

I'm gonna go off now but Spanish flu I read infected 500,000,000. I read a mortality rate of 2.5%. See where I'm going? If 500,000,000 get the coronavirus the numbers say 20,000,000 will die.

"Fake Math" right? Reds have infiltrated the CDC to F-up the economy to thwart Trump's agenda of helping the working class, right?

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