A Lonely Outpost

by Hugh Mungus

What did you learn in school today, dear little boy of mine?

What did you learn in school today, dear little boy of mine?

I learned that Washington never told a lie

I learned that soldiers seldom die

I learned that everybody's free

That's what the teacher said to me

And that's what I learned in school today

That's what I learned in school

- Pete Seeger

Keep things simple. The answer to human hunger on Earth, as well as human poverty, is to end the monetary system, and distribute everything freely and equally. A child can comprehend this. Any politician who states otherwise is doing so for their own, private reasons.

Donald Trump - and anyone holding political office - will never enlighten you of this truth. They'd be out of power if they did, and that's not a direction they wish to steer this ship.

Once money is extirpated from the equation, so too is corruption. Why would anybody steal from their neighbors, if everyone had access to the same resources, in the same amounts? Politics and religion would also quickly vanish. Who's gonna strive to be president or pope, if there's no money in it?

Without money, class divisions disappear, as everyone is suddenly on the same plane. Of course, this is problematic for the current hierarchy, as the monetarily "rich" rely on a system of currency, in order to retain power. Without such structure, politicians and those controlling with cash cease to exist.

Thus, the president isn't looking out for your best interest. He never has been. Neither have the 44 assholes who came before him. If they let you in on the obvious secret, they'd all be unnecessary - which was always the case - and unable to dominate.

If what I'm asserting is true, why haven't you considered it before?

Twelve years of brainwashing disguised as school. Four more years of post-graduate indoctrination, should you have chosen the college route. A paradigm so insular and controlling, it solely reinforces the benefits of "getting ahead," "making money" and "establishing financial security."

Do you enjoy being a slave?

Once you understand you're already ahead, simply by being able to think for yourself, and financial security is an illusion - as the monetary system can end tomorrow - it's time to focus on what's important.

As a species, we're on a lonely outpost in the middle of the cosmic nowhere. Given how violent this Universe is, we can be obliterated in an instant. It's imperative we find feasible means off this planet, in case the shit comes down.

Spinning your wheels selfishly, in pursuit of the insignificant - attempting to finance your second mortgage - is no longer an option. In fact, it's pissing the rest of us off who've understood this for quite some time now, and will suffer alongside you - due to your ignorance - should all Hell break loose.

Cease being children - playing with your immaterial toys - and grow up.

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