Canine Adhd

by Hugh Mungus

ADHD in dogs...

If you do anything but denounce such a stupid concept, you should behead yourself, and bequeath your cranium to cannibals. It would go to better use than whatever you're currently employing it for.

Ever consider ADHD might not exist? Is there a possibility it's simply a ploy to:

A) diagnose people - who fail to conform - with a fictitious malady, so they can

B) be charged for drugs that cause them to comply?

It's a win-win situation for those in power. Folks become compliant, due to prescription narcotics, while government and big business - one and the same - become rich, thus retaining more control.

Kids aren't bored in school because they're suffering from an ailment. They lack interest because these indoctrination institutions are excuses for sleep - brimming with worthless information, at best, and lies, at worst.

When was the last time you employed a profound understanding of the Pinckney Treaty to positively affect your life? However, learning that nobody's burying Fukushima seems imperative, since it's been drowning the planet with deadly radioactive fallout since March, 2011. Yet, how many people - referred to as teachers - know what Fukushima is, much less how detrimental a problem it's become?

When talkin' ADHD, not only might we be referring to a nonexistent malady, but an HD has been placed at the end of this acronym. Thus, people associate it with high definition - something they just have to possess. Once more, fuck you, Edward Bernays.

Doctors only accumulate money when you're sick, right? If everybody was well, physicians would be broke. Thus, "practitioners" harbor an obvious catalyst for not only keeping you mentally and physically ill, but making you so.

Oddly, you're shocked when your physician prescribes drug upon drug, causing you to become less healthy.

As long as there's a monetary system, there will be corruption. Are we foolish enough to believe doctors would somehow be exempt from this mendacity?

On top of this, so many physicians don't seem to know what the fuck they're doing. Is this why it's called a "practice?" Could it be you're no more than farm animals for these fuckers; in particular, cash cows and guinea pigs?

If doctors were more concerned about your well-being than cash, they'd provide their "services" for free. Try being addicted to anti-depressants, and receiving refills, if you don't have the money. At that point, your "practitioner" becomes cold as a cadaver in the arctic.

One of the most common treatments for cancer is radiation...which gives you cancer!

How would you differentiate between a doctor and a drug dealer? The two appear synonymous. Both only want you for your money; both provide injurious substances that are highly addictive. Solely because some of the compounds these quacks supply are deemed "legal" by politicians - who we all view as corrupt - is one profession seen in a respectful light?

Who isn't scared to exist without health insurance in this present paradigm?

"If I get sick, and don't have medical coverage, what am I gonna do?!"

Thus, people are constantly enslaving themselves at "jobs" they hate, solely for the insurance "benefits."

When you visit the doctor - due to illnesses that quite possibly don't exist - these same physicians prescribe drugs with "side effects" only "treatable" by more drugs. Thus, not only is the "practitioner" acquiring cash with each prescription she writes, but so are pharmaceutical companies producing these narcotics. More prescriptions means more money for everyone...except patients - who get sicker and further in debt.

It doesn't take the smartest kid in class - who's anything but smart, since he hasn't run as far away from class - to comprehend these drug corporations have a vested interest in this process. Hence, they would benefit by, yes, fabricating a fake affliction - ADHD, for example - and developing a "treatment" for it at a price.

Through it all, insurance companies are reaping remuneration from scared citizens who scramble to buy plans that should be free in any compassionate society.

Again, the solution to the above dilemma is so simple, someone retarded - which we all are, in a cosmic sense - can figure it out. Get rid of the money, and distribute everything gratuitously.

Without a monetary system, insurance companies have no reason for pressing your face into the hot playground asphalt, forcing you to concede. There's nothing for them to gain in doing so.

Without money, that asshole - no more than a trained dog begging for her monetary treat - will cease calling your house, and harassing you. Her reward for beleaguering you like a delinquent has been removed. Hence, she's now free to pursue more relevant endeavors, like figuring out how to prevent the innate forces of this Universe from destroying humanity.

In the present paradigm, those with the most money appear the most adept and secure. In reality, should the monetary system end tomorrow, these people have the most to lose. In a logical society, they'd be deemed insane, having spent most of their existences hoarding useless pieces of textile known as cash.

So, here I sit - completing this article - whilst staring at my laptop monitor, and an advertisement promoting "treatment" for ADHD in dogs.

Are people really this fuckin' gullible?! You'd better believe it! These ads don't pay for themselves.

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