To Serve Man

by Hugh Mungus

Mourn not the dead that in the cool earth lie [...]

But rather mourn the apathetic throng

The cowed and the meek

Who see the world's great anguish and its wrong

And dare not speak!

- Ralph Chaplin

Even after overwhelming evidence - provided via my publications - proving this paradigm is an illusion, many remain obstinate to admit our environment is a hoax.

For further confirmation, consider the plight of the food server.

Epitomizing the blue collar demographic, bussers, waiters and waitresses perpetually struggle to keep a roof over their heads, and sustenance on their tables.

Let's examine what a food server does, exposing the hallucination they harbor.

A food server pretends the entire time they're on the clock.

First off, they don't want to be present at what they refer to as their "job," or "career."

In fact, they often assert to wishing they were anywhere but their particular "vocation." While in the dining room, kitchen or bar, they constantly count down the minutes, until they're allowed to depart.

Yet, they continue to perform tasks they loathe, spuriously informing managers they're enjoying themselves, and love being in a position they obviously hate. Thus, pretending, and perpetuating the illusion.

In order to accomplish these undertakings they abhor, servers ask people they've never met whether said folks prefer steak or shrimp, burgers or tacos, salad or soup. Why the hell would anyone care about the sustenance proclivities of people they don't know, and have no desire to meet?

If you wandered up to a stranger, and continually barraged them with questions about their comestible predilections, you'd be arrested. Yet, doing so, in exchange for scraps of fabric - i.e. cash - is cool?!?

You don't give two shits what strangers like to eat. Nobody sane would. That said, you're definitely feigning to care, and care deeply. Again, the furthering of the illusion.

In turn, the diner bluffs you're engrossed by what he or she ingests. Hence, he lies to him or herself you want to be in their presence, determining what their favorite food is at the moment.

When a busser or waiter overtly doesn't care what some random person wants to devour, the client in question becomes offended the server no longer wants to pretend.

"The service here is terrible! Medium is pink all the way through; which this clearly wasn't. That steak was a piece of shoe leather! But that son of a bitch acted like he didn't care!"

That's because the waiter didn't care, and was being honest. And don't people bitch perpetually about how dishonest others are? Yet, when somebody exhibits honesty, suddenly folks are aghast at this display.

The waiter was acting logically in this case; not caring how some person he'd never met wanted his steak prepared. The customer was acting illogically, expecting the server to pretend.

In this scenario, the client desperately wants the waiter to return to the illusion; re-enter the Matrix; come back to the system. It scares the customer that:

A) there's something outside this system he's come to erroneously believe is reality, and

B) one of his fellow incarcerates is escaping. That would mean he, too, would be forced with a choice: stay inside the Matrix, or liberate. Of course, the latter would equate to abandoning all he'd worked so hard to create, inside this system. The latter would mean undermining everything he believed was real. For many, that's too scary.

If you can't see the severe retardation in this scenario, you're profoundly brainwashed, and should return to the illusion, watching whatever the fuck's on TV.

So, now you've got an entire dining room playing make-believe. Not only are the servers pretending, but so too are the customers. If your venue has a seating capacity of 500 folk, and you're full, that's 500 people - not including the food servers - in one place, pretending.

That's a fuckload of hard drives - human minds - in one area, working to generate an illusion! That's an immense amount of adverse energy.

Realize said clientele is turned over constantly, so that 500 might equate to thousands, throughout a 24 hour period!

Now consider how many restaurants and bars there are across the planet. Countless numbers of transmitters of negative vibrations! A fuck ton of people - a prodigious portion of them angry over their situation - pretending.

Now that's an illusion!

We haven't even considered the chefs, cooks, managers, etc. - who don't want to be there - and are also playing make-believe.

And how about all the drive-thru slaves, fast food incarcerates, room service vassals, etc.? Do you honestly think they give a flying fuck whether you prefer Sprite or Sierra Mist, Coke or Pepsi, rye toast or wheat?!

And since so many people dine in restaurants, you're not only talkin' a commodious portion of the population lying, but lying to themselves.

I almost made it through this entire article without vociferating, "It's a cookbook!"

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