Message to a Trump Supporter

by Adventure Wynn

To my friends who support Trump... Being aligned with a known liar has the tendency to discredit everything you put forth. That's just basics of the real world.

Like when Trump supporters said, "Dems lie too!" Well everyone knows politicians lie. But Trump supporters, having already discredited themselves didn't of course no one listened to you. I bet in many cases, Trump supporters saying it had the opposite effect.

Let me be the first to say you were right about what we all already suspected. The Dems are liars too. If you had proven good judgment in the past some may have listened... I might have listened. Now that the Dem establishment have proven to be corrupt liars like the Republican establishment they are being abandoned by people of good judgment like you would expect in any normal situation...just like credible Trump supporters abandoned Trump after the first couple weeks of constant lies.

Consider joining the credible people now that there is a real alternative. Who doesn't want to be credible? Trump is not and all he touches is discredited from the first hurdle. I don't look past that failure from the gate like you obviously do.

When Trump ran against Clinton I abstained from voting because there was no way I would vote for Clinton. I am as sure as ever there is no difference between them. Just like there's no difference between Obama and George W Bush. I decided to let others decide. I wasn't worried or surprised when Trump assumed the Presidency, I was excited don't confuse that with enthusiasm.

I'm no mindless cheerleader for either party. I just didn't doubt it would be a spectacle. His incompetence concerns me now but it's still the same, just a different kind of fucked up. My liberal friends were all freaking out but I assumed the position that some good will come of this Pandora's Box that has been opened. I still believe that.

I believe Trump has effected... Infected might be a better word, the system and exposed the total hypocrisy of it. Now Trump needs put in the trash can. He has contributed all he can at this point. At this point it will only be about him and his corporate donors.

There's no real difference between the Democratic establishment and the Republican establishment now and it is clear. They all work for the industrialists. That's why Trump measures success by the stock market. The same metric his employers use. Neither side of the two party scam has any credibility to the working class.. It is clear for all to see now...

STEP 1 Acknowledge the dissonance you feel as a Trump supporter when he spouts lie after lie.

There's a better choice now. If you can't build upon honesty then what are you building? The person we need is the person everyone in the establishment is freaking out over and plotting against. As a working class we only need two questions.

1. Does the person appear honest?

2. Does the establishment hate him?

You voted for Trump because he answered the second question but he doesn't answer the first question. All the other bullshit has been injected into the questions to confuse us.

If your state has an open primary like Ohio, go vote for Bernie in the primary. Do it for whatever reason you want. If I were a die hard Republican I'd do it to fuck with the Dems. If Republicans believed half the shit they say about how weak Bernie is, then round up your unions and go vote for Bernie in the primary. Set the Dems up for failure. Go do it and watch the fireworks.

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